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February 28, 2000 - Mundane Monday

GameGirlz Site Newz

Site Newz   Industry Newz    Happeningz 'Round Town   GGz Etc.   Community

Aurora Gets Palmed - Wench [2/27/2000] - 0:39
Aurora has written an editorial for about her newest love....her Palm Pilot.

Recently a wonderful friend sent me the most amazing gift I have ever received; a Palm IIIx (mmm... they just served me a cup of coffee AND a chocolate chip cookie!). So here I am on what could be considered my first tech flight. Weehoo!

Today's Industry Newz

Site Newz   Industry Newz    Happeningz 'Round Town   GGz Etc.   Community

Happeningz 'Round Town

Site Newz   Industry Newz    Happeningz 'Round Town   GGz Etc.   Community

  • Hypothermia has interviewed one of the coolest female gamers around, Caryn "HellChick" Law the webmaster of PlanetQuake
  • BoomGames has posted a review of Logitech's Wingman Force Feedback Gaming Mouse
  • The Flood Gate has posted a 'Quick Take' of The Sims
  • Gamesurge has posted a preview of Urban Operations, which includes some cool screenshots
  • Gamer's Central has posted a first look on Elixer Studio's "Republic: The Revolution", the extremely ambitious game being created by former Bullfrog game designer Demis Hassabis
  • games xtreme has started their biggest giveaway yet, they are giving away 10 copies of Planescape Torment and 10 Exclusive T-Shirts
  • Firingsquad has posted a preview of the upcoming racing game, Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed as the title suggests, this game will feature nothing but Porsches
  • 3D GameForce has posted an interview with the infamous makers of Bleem!
  • GA-Source has posted a "behind the scenes" screenshot and engine details from Heavy Metal: FAKK2, their upcoming Quake III powered action/adventure game
  • Beta Bites has a preview of Topware Interactive's 3D RTS game, Earth 2150, it is scheduled for an April 2000 release
  • reviews Westwood Studios' Nox.
  • Rogue Six has relaunched their Rainbow Six/Rouge Spear site
  • PC Paradox has an article about TopWare Interactive's upcoming game, Earth 2150: Escape from the Blue Planet
  • GA-Sports has posted 8 new screenshots from Test Drive Le Mans
  • Mall of the Sims has added to the Blueprint Dept. with 3D modeling software to create your own Sims Character Models
  • G3D:Gaming In 3d, has posted up their latest review on The Card Cooler
  • 32 Bit Gamer has opened it's doors the site is run by the guys at Riva3D
  • ModGamer, a site dedicated to mods, TCs and user-made add-ons has just been launched
  • Eurogamer has posted a review of Delta Force 2, the voxel-powered soldier sim from Novalogic
  • Hypothermia is holding a Voodoo3 give away enter once a day for next two weeks
  • GameGirlz etc.

    Site Newz   Industry Newz    Happeningz 'Round Town   GGz Etc.   Community

    The New Queen Of Vampires - Aurora [2/27/2000] - 0:14
    [CNN] - Amelia Atwater-Rhodes may look like an average teenager, but looks are deceiving. She is a top-selling author who published her first book when she was only 14. The author of "In the Forests of the Night," is not only very talented, but also happens to write about one of my favorite subjects vampires. There are several audio and video links to interviews with the author.
    It Could Be " Nevermore" For Poe Home - Wench [2/27/2000] - 0:13
    [CNN] - The home that Edgar Allen Poe lived in for a time in the mid 1840's is in trouble of being tourndown. New York University owns the property and is considering knocking it down.

    GameGirlz Community & Network Newz

    Site Newz   Industry Newz    Happeningz 'Round Town   GGz Etc.   Community

    Strategy And RPG News - Wench [2/27/2000] - 0:12
    With all the new and exciting RPG and strategy games out there. Heaven's Gaming Sites has all your news, and information.

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