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1999, 2000 Green Witch, LLC
Internet Radio Using Icecast MP3 Streaming
The Green Witch Internet Radio webcasts music on the Internet, 24 hours a day, free of charge, with no ads. We play a mix of mainstream and indie music that you won't hear anywhere else. All you need to tune in is a music player ( RealG2, Windows Media, Sonique... ) and a 56k modem or better, and you can listen to music while you surf.
Olive, the Green Witch

Olive, the Green Witch.

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Radio Mixman
one of the coolest things ever done with RealAudio
documenting the history of rock n roll
killer techno from up north
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Aloha! - Green Witch Internet Radio sponsored Tikifest '99 at the Hi-Ball Lounge/Bamboo Hut. Check out the photos here.

We won a Gold Medal at the NewMedia Invision Awards held in SF in November.

Devil in the Woods and Green Witch-sponsored a show at the Make-Out Room. Some pics!

A Green Witch Sponsored Party At The Cocodrie Some cool pics!

Thanks For Coming To Our First Birthday!! See The First of many pics!

Green Witch Interview on Amazon City Radio

Icecast and The Green Witch in The Industry Standard

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