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PRELIMINARY: 16-Track, 44 Channel Digital Audio Workstation
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Streamlined and simple, yet complete in an unprecedented way. The AW4416 Professional Audio Workstation is nothing less than a "Real Studio"!

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Serious musicians, composers, sound designers and audio engineers have literally never had it so good! The Yamaha AW4416 elevates the stand-alone studio concept to a level that's destined to become the new standard. Just look at what it's got!

24-bit Digital Recorder
If it's the highest quality digital recording you want (with no Compression) with ease of use but without compromises, you'll definitely want the AW4416. It starts with your choice of 16-bit or 24-bit resolution either 44.1 or 48kHz, that can be determined on a song-by-song basis. If 16-bit, you get up to 8 tracks of simultaneous recording and 16 tracks of simultaneous playback. With 24-bit you can have up to 16 tracks simultaneous recording and playback. Choose Manual or Auto Punch I/O, and since you can record up to 8 virtual tracks for each of the 16 tracks, you always have the material on hand for a hot mix every time, which you can mix down to the available stereo master tracks. There's plenty of recording space too, up to 64 GB (6.4 GB for one song), or enough for as many as 50,000 songs! You have the freedom that comes from Song, Track/Part and Region editing functions, a Jog with Shuttle control, up to 99 location Marks per song, locate by numeric pad or Quick Locate functions.

Assignable Sampling Pads
The AW4416's Sampling Pad section features eight trigger pads with two banks, a total of 16 sounds, to choose from. In all, there's a total of about 90-seconds of sampling time at 16-bit/44.1kHz resolution. Sampling pads can be assigned to any channel input of the mixer section. What's more, you can assign a phrase from a track of the HD, or CD-ROM, CD-DA or via SCSI, either WAV or original file format.

The Power of the 02R Inside
The AW4416's mixer is nothing less than an impressive spin-off of the Yamaha 02R Digital Recording Console, the world's leading digital mixer-proven on hundreds of hit recordings of the '90s. This means that not only do you get the benefit of 32-bit internal processing and as much as 105dB dynamic range, but great EQ (4-band parametric), Dynamics and a wide range of on-board effects. There are two powerful digital effects processors. Libraries of Channel, EQ, Dynamics and Effect settings are on-hand to give you an edge. Plus the convenience of channel pairing (odd/even channel/buss), four fader groups and four mute groups, and Scene Memories for install recall of all settings. And Auto-mix capability permits full-automated mixdown, complete with 60mm motorized faders.

Analog and Digital Audio and Other I/O Features
The AW4416 features both analog and digital audio inputs and outputs. There are eight analog Mic/Line inputs and a digital stereo input & output, plus Insert I/O's on channels 1 and 2. Analog outputs include Stereo and Monitor, plus four Omni outs to which you can assign up to four Group or Aux buss outs, or additional Stereo or Monitor outs. With optional Mini-YGDAI cards you can have full 16 inputs and 16 outputs, available in a variety of configurations. Flexible to the core, the AW4416 also features input and output connectors for a variety of applications. Such as World Clock I/O, MIDI In, Out/Thru, MTC Out, a To Host connector for direct connection to a computer, and a SCSI connector for connecting external hard drives and other peripheral devices. A Mouse connector lets you connect a mouse for point-and-click navigation of the display menus and features. You can even connect a Foot Switch for triggering of Start/Stop Play, Recording or Punch I/O by foot.

Mini-YGDAI and CD-RW Drive Slots
No matter what type of gear you have in your studio or MIDI composing suite, you'll find the AW4416 capable of easily interfacing with it. This is because it comes equipped with two Mini-YGDAI slots compatible with a variety of separately available In/Out and Digital/Analog interface cards. These allow for direct multi-channel connection to popular modular digital multitrack recorders (Alesis ADAT, TASCAM, AES/ EBU format systems), or the addition of eight digital inputs and eight assignable outputs, additional analog inputs and outputs, and more. The AW4416 also has a slot for an optional CD-RW drive that allows you to record and play your own CDs! So from start to finish, you simply won't find a more comprehensive stand alone recording system, anywhere.

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