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Greetings from the WiredOne!

Our February meeting was held on the 9th at the Sovernet offices in Burlington and the turnout was great! Before the meeting began, I met with Tom from Sovernet and discussed our future needs as a group. Some exciting changes will be on the horizon as far as meeting space and facilities for those meetings. We also discussed the possibility of community training at various locations for the public... all valuable teaching and learning experience for new and intermediate Mac users. I'll keep you posted on any developments and how you can help.

The meeting opened with a discussion on spam and junk mail and steps to take to avoid having your e-mail address circulated. While giving out your e-mail address is sometimes unavoidable, you can get a free, second e-mail address from various sites such as CNN, Yahoo, Altavista, and even to use for shopping/surveys, or interesting mailing lists. Leave your main e-mail address for only mail. I demonstrated how to use the filters in Netscape to purge unwanted mail and how to categorize this mail. Interestingly, the filter system can also be used to your advantage to sort your 'wanted' mail into various folders also. Very powerful tool. I gave a handout of the Symantic Hoax Virus site which lists most of all the thousands of hoax virus messages you sometimes find yourself the unlucky recipient of from well meaning friends and relatives. There are very few pure Mac virus' out there, but many that can attach themselves to files that might have been generated from PC's- such as Word files. Be cautious, but not afraid.

Polly did a wonderful and in-depth job of presenting a primer on digital photographer for the beginner. She brought her camera and showed the group exactly how things work from start to finish along with the software used to download and store the photos in the computer. She also brought in samples of her recent work and copies of contact sheets and prints. As the cost of high quality cameras continue to decline, more and more people will be trying their hand at this fascinating medium. Thanks very much Polly, I always enjoy your presentations!

Our next WiredWomen meeting will be on March 8th at the Sovernet offices at the regular time of 7 to 9 pm. We hope to see all of you once again. The Golive group will meet on the following Saturday night at my house in Shelburne. If you need any further information about the programs coming up, or suggestions for programs, please feel free to e-mail or call me directly.

Until then, Semper Mac!

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