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Standard Konami Pinout

Track & Field/Hyper Sports Pinout

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cocktail Buttons H/V TITLE Manuf./Board ID Year Joysticks Start Buttons
ARMOURED CAR Stern 81 1 2 2 Avoid robbers and hazards, pick up money and get it to the bank. V AMIDAR Stern<Konami GX337 82 1 1 2 Paint boxes in grid while avoiding four or five enemies a'la Pac-Man. may be multiple pinouts V ANTEATER Tago 82 1 1 2 Manuever the anteater's tongue to catch ants, avoiding worms and scorpions. Power, ground, video pins match. Controls, audio are different. CALIPSO Tago May have something to do with a diver and fish. CAVALON JetSoft MU-1 83 Converted Scramble board w/ addnl. CPU module V CIRCUS CHARLIE Centuri GX380 84 1 1 2 Six-event game: Fire Rings, Tightrope, Ball Walk, Horseback, Trampoline, Flying Trapeze COBRA JetSoft? MU-1A Converted Scramble board DARK PLANET Stern 83 Poor attempt at 3D. Had a fake lunar landscape in front of game. DRAGON SLAYER Eagle Conversions Weird shooting game with Chinese flavor. Shoot dragons, warp into a dragon head yourself. Looks like a ROM swap for Scramble. V C FROGGER Sega-Gremlin GX392 81 1[4] 0 2 Try to get a frog across a road and a stream. to get sound, add pot at 6P connector, pins 2,4,6 (6 goes to center pin of pot.) original pot is 200 Ohms; higher value will work. There is also a different 44-pin version of this board which uses AC input. V C GYRUSS Centuri GX347 83 1 1 2 Legendary stereo soundtrack. Circular motion variation on Galaxian. pinout adds second speaker output at pins S and 15 HUNCHBACK Century Electronics GHC-01B 83 Converted Scramble board w/ addnl. CPU module H HYPER SPORTS Centuri<Konami GX330 84 6 4 Just like Track & Field, but with new sports. Same wiring. Swimming, Vault (gymnastics), Weightlifting, Skeet shooting, Archery, Triple Jump, and Pole Vault pinout H IRON HORSE Konami GX560 86 1 2 2 Cowboy and train game H 3 JAILBREAK Konami GX507 86 1 2 2 Stop the prison escapees. Shoot the bad guys, rescue hostages. JUNGLER V JUNO FIRST Konami<Gottlieb GX310 83 1 1 2 Shoot-em-up. Gottlieb board number is GV-122 V C KICKER Konami 85 1 2 2 Smacking around ninjas in a big mansion, while collecting powerballs. V LOCOMOTION Centuri<Konami 82 1 1 2 "Eight's puzzle" with a moving train. V LOST TOMB Stern 83 2 1 2 Explore a pyramid top to bottom with an Indiana Jones-type character. V MANIA CHALLENGE Memetron<Taito 86 2 2per 2 Wrestling. Speech. Control pins differ from standard. V C MAT MANIA Memetron 85 2 2per 2 Wrestling. joystick pins reversed: up is down, left is right, etc. V C MEGA ZONE Konami<Kosuka GX319 84 1 1 2 Xevious-type vertical shooter, but not as good. Can join two ships for greater firepower, Galaga style. But no bombs. V MIKIE Centuri GX469 84 Astonishingly bad cute game. Help Mikie get a date. V MINEFIELD Stern 83 2 0 2 Get the tank across the horizontally scrolling minefield, while shooting down planes overhead. Robotron-style joystick controls. MOON WAR Stern H NEMESIS Konami GX400 85 1 2 2 Side scrolling space battle with powerups; same game as Gradius? V PANDORA'S PALACE Konami GX328 84 1 1 2 May have multiple pinouts, but one of them is definitely Konami standard. Running, jumping, climbing Roman guy in a Mario-esque platformer. V C POOYAN Stern GX320 82 1 1 2 Three little pigs in a video game. Shoot arrows to stop the wolves. V RESCUE Stern 82 2 Helicopter game with Robotron-style joysticks. left Joystick moves, right fires. V C ROAD FIGHTER Konami GX461 85 1 2 2 Accelerate, dodge cars, pick up fuel. Pretty good for driving with a joystick. V C ROC 'N ROPE Konami GX364 83 1 2 2 Archeologist battles dinosaurs & monsters with harpoon-gun and "flash" button. Reach the Roc's Egg at the top of the screen to advance. ROPE MAN H 3 RUSH 'N ATTACK Konami GX577 85 1 2 2 Invade the Communist Russian stronghold and free the POWs. V C SCRAMBLE Stern GX387 81 1 2 2 Guns, bombs, fuel, and scrolling screen. Sequel: Super Cobra. H STRATEGY X Stern<Konami 81 1 3 2 fire button on joystick, and 2 turret rotation buttons Tank attack game; 4 levels fighting cannons, jeeps, and other tanks V C SUPER BASKETBALL Konami GX405 84 1 3 2 V SUPER COBRA Stern GX316 81 1 2 2 Sequel to Scramble, and very much like it. V SUPER HELI Super Cobra clone V C TAG TEAM WRESTLING Data East 84 1 2* 2 *buttons may be redundant V TAZMANIA Stern 82 1 2 2 Similar to Robotron. V THE END Stern 81 1 1 2 Galaxian-like; stop the diving aliens from stealing your bricks and spelling out "The End"--of your game! 2-way joystick V C TIME PILOT Konami<Centuri; GX393 82 1 1 2 You fly a 1980s style jet permanently located in the middle of the screen. Shoot your way through progressively better aircraft from biplanes up to UFOs. V C TIME PILOT 84 Konami<Centuri GX388 84 1 2 2 Like Time Pilot, but all in the future. Has lock-on missiles and guns. H C TRACK & FIELD Centuri<Konami GX361 83 6* 4 Olympic events 100M, long jump, hurdles, javelin, hammer throw, high jump. pinout a.k.a. Hyper Olympic [probably Japanese version] *3 buttons per player, controls for 2 players, but up to 4 can play. [cocktail has 4 sets of controls] TURPIN same as Turtles V TURTLES Stern GX353 81 1[4] 1 2* Similar to Pac-Man. Find the baby turtles and bring them home. a.k.a. Turpin *Bug Bomb buttons on either side of joystick double as 1P/2P start V C TUTANKHAM Stern<Konami GX350 82 2[4] 1 2 Raid King Tut's tomb. Maze game with shades of Pac, Robotron, and Berzerk. 4-way joystick to move, another joystick which fires left and right, and a "flash" smart-bomb button. May use the fire button pins for the two used switches on the fire joystick. V C VIDEO HUSTLER Konami 81 1 1 2 a.k.a. The Hustler GX343 and/or 'Lil Hustler joystick-controlled billiards simulation with only 6 object balls. one to three cue balls per game; lose cue ball by scratching or by failing to sink an object ball three shots in a row uses only joystick left and right to aim H WIZZ QUIZ Konami 86 6 4 Trivia game. ROM swap for Track and Field; uses same board and controls. H 3 YIE AR KUNG FU Konami GX407 85 1 2 2 Eleven levels of chop-socky.


Deviations from standard pinout above are noted where known.


monitor orientation, horizontal or vertical


Games marked with a C are known to have a cocktail mode. Only one player is on the screen at a time, so an upright installation only needs 1 set of controls. This set of controls uses the 1P pins. Games marked with a 3 have 3 play modes: Cocktail, upright, and dual- control upright. Dual control is selected with the CT/UR switch in UR position, and Dip3 Switch2 set to on. This mode uses both 1P and 2P controls, but only one at a time. It's probably the one to use if you put one of these games into a common JAMMA cabinet with two joysticks.


Virtually all these games were shipped with leaf switch joysticks. For an authentic playing experience, leaf switch joysticks are recommended. For games like Time Pilot and Gyruss, you may find a microswitch joystick very annoying. [4] denotes that the game plays best with a 4-way joystick.


Buttons are per control set, and need to be duplicated for P2 on a cocktail.

Note on Manufacturers:

Konami, through the period during which these boards were made, was licensing games to and from other manufacturers, and making their own boards probably at multiple locations. For this reason, the same game's boardset can look radically different, and have a variety of manufacturers' markings on it (I personally have seen 3 Frogger boardsets which looked COMPLETELY different, but all played the same.) So board identification can be tricky--until you plug it in, anyway. If you have a Konami board with a number indicated, you know what you've got. But never assume a boardset isn't what it seems to be just because of lack of an ID number. ID numbers sometimes (but not always) appear on boardsets. An extensive listing of Konami board numbers is maintained by Graham Bisset at:

ftp: wiretap.spies.com/game_archive/info/konami_board_listing.txt

	      Standard Konami Connector

	 Solder Side      |        Parts Side
	    -5***     | A | 1 |       +12
	  Speaker     | B | 2 |     Speaker
	2P  Button 2  | C | 3 |    2P  Button 1
	2P  Left      | D | 4 |    2P  Right
	1P  Start     | E | 5 |    2P  Start
	1P  Button 1  | F | 6 |    2P  Up
	1P  Button 2  | H | 7 |  Service Switch
	1P  Right     | J | 8 |    1P  Left
	1P  Up        | K | 9 |    2P  Down
	Coin  (1)     | L | 10|    Coin  (2)
	1P  Down      | M | 11| Coin Counter  (1)
		      | N | 12| Coin Counter  (2)
       Video Green    | P | 13|  Video Blue
       Video Red      | R | 14|  Video Sync
		      | S | 15|
	   GND        | T | 16|       GND
	   GND        | U | 17|       GND
	   +5         | V | 18|       +5
***note on -5V input: not all boards use a -5V input. Frogger, Gyruss, and Time Pilot do. Track and Field and Hyper Sports don't. This is no big deal, EXCEPT that some boards may get "confused" if you send them -5 on the usual -5 pin. I've seen it happen with HyperSports. So if you plug one of these boards into a standard Konami cabinet and get strange things on the screen, try disconnecting the -5 as your first step in troubleshooting.
	 Track & Field/Hyper Sports Connector
	 Solder Side      |        Parts Side
	    NC        | A | 1 |       +12
	  Speaker     | B | 2 |     Speaker
	4P  Run 2     | C | 3 |    4P  Jump
	3P  Run 2     | D | 4 |    3P  Jump
	1P  Start     | E | 5 |    2P  Start
	2P  Jump      | F | 6 |    3P  Run 1
	2P  Run 2     | H | 7 |  Service Switch
	1P  Jump      | J | 8 |    1P  Run 2
	1P  Run 1     | K | 9 |    4P  Start
	Coin  (1)     | L | 10|    Coin  (2)
	3P  Start     | M | 11| Coin Counter  (1)
	2P  Run 1     | N | 12| Coin Counter  (2)
       Video Green    | P | 13|  Video Blue
       Video Red      | R | 14|  Video Sync
		      | S | 15|    4P Run 1
	   GND        | T | 16|       GND
	   GND        | U | 17|       GND
	   +5         | V | 18|       +5


Most of these boards use two banks of 8 dip switches. Sw1 usually is just for coinage. All 8 switches "ON" usually gives free play.

Sw2 generally controls difficulty, table/upright, etc.

KEY: C coin setting
     D difficulty setting
     2 dual control mode (see COCKTAIL notes above)
     T table/upright setting
     V video invert (most of these games DON'T have this setting!)
     # number of players per game
     B bonus setting
     A attract mode audio
     > continue mode
     * other use; specified in notes
     X not used
     ? not known
GAME          SW1: 12345678  SW2: 12345678   NOTES
			     SW3: 1234

FROGGER            ##TCCX                    no free play, but 1&2 on=256 frogs

GYRUSS             CCCCCCCC       ##TBDDDA   ##=on,on gives 256 ships

HYPERSPORTS        CCCCCCCC       >TA*DDDD   *keep/discard rankings at powerup
					     free play plus continue on gives a
					     never-ending game


KICKER             CCCCCCCC       ##TBBDDA   *manual test mode incremented by
				  V?*?        P1 start switch

MANIA CHALLENGE    CCCCAX*V       DDXXXXXX   *check program

MAT MANIA          CCCCAT*+       DDXXXXXX   *check program, + leave switch on


POOYAN             CCCCCCCC       ##TB?DDA

ROAD FIGHTER       CCCCCCCC       >OOSFFTA   free play plus FF=off,off means
					     never losing fuel
					     O number of opponents
					     S opponents' speed
					     F rate of fuel use

RESCUE             A#DCC                     no free play

ROC 'N ROPE        CCCCCCCC       ##TDDDDA   ##=on,on gives 255 lives


SCRAMBLE           ##TCCX                    ##=on,on gives unlimited ships

SUPER BASKETBALL   CCCCCCCC       **TQIDDA   *time limit, Q qualifying score,
					     I initialize data at powerup

TAG TEAM WRESTLING CCCCXXTT       DAXXXXXX   TT:one does screen, one controls

TIME PILOT         CCCCCCCC       ##TBDDDA   ##=on,on gives 256 ships

TRACK & FIELD      CCCCCCCC       #>TB*DDA   *keep/discard rankings at powerup

TUTANKHAM          CCCCCCCC       ##TBDD*A   *number of flash bombs

VIDEO HUSTLER      ?CCT##                    ##=on,on gives 256 cue balls/game
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