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  Frequently Asked Questions Original Yaoi Fiction by Vixen Phillips Anime Gallery About Vixen Phillips Read or Sign the Guestbook Original Yaoi Animation Series Yaoi and other Webrings Mailing Lists for Yaoi Writers and Artists Email rei@labyrinth.net.au Leave the garden of Desire Yaoi/shonen ai is a genre of anime and manga dedicated to male relationships of an idealized homoerotic nature.
I happen to write original stories (usually novels) in this style, as it affords me far greater freedom to express my concepts of faith and love than traditional heterosexual writing. Ironic, ne? Therefore, what you will find here is a small but growing collection of works I spend most of my spare time agonizing over and pouring my heart and soul into in the oft vain attempt of seeking understanding through my self expressed in words.
What you will not find is cheap tatty pornography, nor even an overabundance of Politikal Correctness; just love stories of a darker, more intense nature.
However, if the idea of this stuff actually truly offends you, you'd better go here instead.
Really quickly. Right now, infact.

Flames on this subject will be read and laughed at. That is all. Consider yourself warned.
Vixen Phillips

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