The Hibernia Beach LIVE crew: Ben the E-Mail Boy, America's Favorite Homosexual Ken McPherson, and Renée the Dandy Girl America's Favorite Homosexual Ken McPherson, the Dandy Girl Renée Rotten, and E-Mail Boy Ben Carlson invite you to join us in the online counterpart to Hibernia Beach LIVE, the interactive talk show that airs every Sunday Night/Monday Morning at 12:00 a.m. on San Francisco's LIVE 105 (105.3 FM).

Hibernia Beach ONLINE--it's one beach where you can expose yourself WITHOUT GETTING BURNED!



You asked for it, you got it. Hibernia Beach ONLINE brings you the best of the Beach 24/7, with that special visual element that's just MISSING from the radio show. That means you can see what we look like. Make sure you're sitting down first. Actually we don't know anyone who surfs the Net while standing....

Of course we know you're never going to be satisfied no matter HOW MANY photos of Renée we put online, so we've made it possible for you to INDULGE YOUR FETISH with the Dress-Me-Renée page.

Are you a first time visitor? Curious to know what Hibernia Beach is all about? Or just eager to get in touch with the rest of the Beach Bums? You're probably looking for the Speakeasy (no it's not a place where alcoholic beverages are illegally sold, it's a BBS).  For truly instant gratification, however, check out chatterbox.

Whether you've missed a show or you're just a glutton for punishment, we've got some AUDIO FILES you might be interested in. That's right, you can listen to the whole dang show over the cellular modem on your laptop while you float on an air mattress in the Caribbean. Any day of the week.

When we're on the air, we do our best to inform and entertain you. But did you ever stop to wonder who informs and entertains US? YOU! Now you know the secret of our big scam. Check out The Bayou to see, well, stuff by you (get it?). It's home to our growing collection of poetry, prose, photos and artwork from you, your next door neighbor, and maybe even your mom. And please submit stuff!

Speaking of submitting stuff, you can announce events and activities--and find out what everyone else is up to--on the WHASSUP? calendar.

If you CARE you can get some of the background info on us. Warning: you'll end up saying to yourself "if they can have a radio show, anybody can!" We just happened to win the Get Your Own Radio Show Lottery, so sue us.

Our excellent list of helpful RESOURCES offers phone numbers, web links, etc. for a variety of organizations that deal with everything from self-abuse to sex info to runaways to queer youth. Those of you who have listened to Hibernia Beach LIVE know that when we hear from callers who are facing some TOUGH ISSUES we usually refer them to an agency on this list.

What's that you say? You STILL haven't seen enough photos of Renée? Well when we're on the air you can watch her ham it up on the studio hamcam.

Lastly, we're always happy to hear from you, so let us know what's on your mind!


Ken, Renée, and Ben