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January 13, 2000

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ESRI's ArcInfo 8 GIS Software Ships to Users Worldwide

Features IT Industry-Standard Architecture, Ease of Use, Open Computing Platform, and Powerful Cartographic Tools

Redlands, California--The most significant release of geographic information system (GIS) software to ever hit the computing market ships now to users worldwide. ArcInfo 8.0.1, the result of the largest, most comprehensive research and development effort of its kind, is a new platform for creating, managing, disseminating, and applying geographic knowledge. ArcInfo 8 began shipping December 1999.

ArcInfo 8 is the most significant release of GIS software to date and features the following:

  • Built Using IT Standards: ArcInfo 8 has been developed using modern software engineering and computing standards. Not only is ArcInfo 8 compatible with other industry-standard information technology, but it allows software developers to integrate and develop software applications like never before. The software has been completely reengineered to take advantage of the very latest in computer advances such as an object-oriented data model, a fully integrated database management system (DBMS), and a complete component architecture.
  • Groundbreaking Ease of Use: The world's most powerful GIS software now features unsurpassed ease of use. A key feature of ArcInfo 8 is that it makes sophisticated GIS more usable. New applications like ArcMap and ArcCatalog accomplish this goal by approaching GIS from a new perspective. While the depth of functionality in ArcInfo is tremendous, new user interfaces and wizards help users get up and running quickly.
  • Open Platform Support: ArcInfo 8 is hardware- and software-independent, giving users a number of choices when selecting their hardware and software platform. ArcInfo 8 operates on both the UNIX and NT operating systems.
  • Powerful Cartographic Production: ArcInfo 8 provides the ideal solution for advanced, powerful automated cartography. ArcInfo 8 provides a comprehensive tool set for high-quality cartographic output, giving users the most advanced GIS software solution for their mapping needs.
  • The Ideal Solution for Utility Businesses: While ArcInfo 8 is designed to be the complete solution for virtually any market, the software has been optimized for utility businesses. Electric, water, and gas utilities can benefit from the wide and diverse ESRI utility user community that has helped guide ArcInfo 8 software development.

"The new features and enhancements in ArcInfo 8 address the needs and requests of the ArcInfo user community," says Jack Dangermond, president of ESRI. "Users will immediately realize the benefits of the new ArcInfo whether they work on a single desktop system or a large company network."

New Features
The new user interface for ArcInfo 8 is a versatile workspace. It is the environment for working with, managing, and transforming map data all within the same easy-to-use program. ArcInfo 8 introduces a new object-oriented data model that allows users to add behavior, properties, rules, and relationships to their spatial data. This model allows definition of features that more closely resemble the real world. In addition, ArcInfo 8 fully supports the existing georelational model.

ArcInfo 8 is the first GIS to fully integrate DBMS technology. ESRI has reengineered and integrated its ArcSDE technology to operate as an integral part of ArcInfo 8. This allows users to fully manage spatial data along with their other business data using standard DBMS practices.

Unlimited customization options have become available with ArcInfo 8. Industry-standard Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications is included with ArcInfo 8 to provide more advanced users and developers with a comprehensive customization capability. Even nonprogrammers can customize ArcInfo 8 using the simple drag-and-drop and menu-driven tools.

ArcInfo 8 is available now. Call ESRI at 1-800-447-9778 or visit www.esri.com/arcinfo for more information. To purchase ArcInfo 8, contact your ESRI regional office. Outside the United States, please contact your local ESRI distributor; see www.esri.com/international for a current distributor list.

About ArcInfo
ArcInfo software is the de facto professional GIS in industry, government, and academia. Developed and supported by experienced technical- and applications-oriented staff, ArcInfo provides state-of-the-art GIS backed by more than thirty years of experience in the industry. System acquisition includes extensive hard-copy and online documentation, on-site training, and involvement in the largest and most active GIS software user community. Used by more than 100,000 professionals in more than 40,000 organizations worldwide, ArcInfo provides the wide selection of GIS functionality and easy access to many data types needed to integrate GIS with a broad array of applications. Corporations use ArcInfo to route delivery vehicles, plan sales territories, and analyze the competition. Governments at the local, state, and national levels use ArcInfo to manage land records, track emergency vehicles in real time, and perform demographic analysis for economic development. More students are trained to use ArcInfo than all other professional GIS software combined at colleges and universities worldwide.

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January 13, 2000
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