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Welcome to Abby's World. Glad you got through all the space traffic. I hope that you'll stay for awhile and share in the things that I care most about. This site contains some informative and serious  material but also has a sense of humor. Let me introduce myself, my name is Nelson Abdullah, and I live in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky.  In case you're wondering, my wife Jacqueline, started calling me 'Abby' when we first met almost 40-years ago.

I've been working in the airline business for 37-years. I worked for Pan Am for 29-years from 1962-91, and now I'm with Delta Air Lines. I've always been fascinated with airplanes. When I was  growing up I used to read about all the performance records that were being broken, almost every month it seems, so I guess that's why. That's me in the photo, taken at The United States Air Force Museum. It is located at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio, about 60-miles north of Cincinnati. If you are ever in this area I recommend you check it out, it is positively worth the trip. This museum has the largest display of military aircraft in the world. All of those record breaking airplanes are here. See the link on my Interests page and take the Virtual Tour of the museum. Also, pay a visit to the web site dedicated to the original Pan Am and relive their glorious history when they were the preeminent pioneer in commercial aviation.

On a more serious note, please visit my pages devoted to Freedom and the Pro-Life movement. My Soapbox page contains an essay on the direction America is taking under our liberal democratic government.  I often think that we have lost sight of the fact that our nation is a Republic, not a Democracy, and because of this misunderstanding America always seems to be steering to the left. Perhaps what our country needs most is a front-end alignment. Stop and think for a moment: a government big enough to give us everything we want, will also be big enough to take away everything we have, and I can't think of a better argument for less government.

OK, I did say you would find some humor here, so for pure enjoyment, visit my Rottweiler's pages and see my photo album of the three biggest clowns you will ever meet. If you're used to seeing fancy dog posses taken at dog shows or scary pictures of watchdogs you're gonna be surprised with what I have here.

By the way, please take note of the ICQ Communications panel above. This is a free program that permits instant contact between friends whenever they log on to the Internet. Click on the right button to get more information. It's really great.

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My ICQ # is 2082925

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