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since the 1st of June, 1997

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Introduction and History of 7C Online

Welcome to 7C's home page, this page was designed and made by   Devin Ellis  , a student to Saint John's bilingual school in Concepción, Chile. He has many other web pages published on the World Wide Web. He created this page for a reason, he wanted to be the youngest child in all of Chile to make a web page, And his friends and him had the idea of making a page for the class, and so here is Devin's dream, and you have the privilege of observing it today.

This is the 3rd edition of this web page. The first one was made when Devin was 11, in 6th grade. This version did not contain frames and was the simplest of them all. Secondly came and upgrade to the first one, Devin had learned about frames, so he remodeled the first version and gave it frames, and made it more sophisticated. Then when Devin was 12 and in 7th grade, he started the third edition of this page, completely out of scratch, and molded it for about 6 months to create the last version of this web site, the one that you can see today. Devin Ellis would like to give thanks to his friends that helped him especially in the 3rd version of 7C, and his beloved Computing Teacher, Alonso Araya, which taught him all that he knows now about HTML.

Enjoy our Web Page,

7C. 1998

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