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 Latest headlines
National news
Lift of Dating Ban Stunned Campus
GREENVILLE, S.C. (AP)--Bob Jones University''s decision to lift its half-century-old ban on interracial dating has stunned students and the fundamentalist Christian school''s supporters who learned about it Friday night in a national television interview with President Bob Jones III.

Texas Team Falls Short After Tragedy
AUSTIN, Texas (AP)--The quest by the Brock High School girl's basketball team to win a state title in honor of their teammates killed in an automobile crash had captivated their entire community.

Rev. Jackson Targets Race Profiling
CHICAGO (AP)--The Rev. Jesse Jackson on Saturday called for Congress to hold hearings on racial profiling among police, in the judicial system and in expulsion policies in schools.

Civil Rights Groups Want LAPD Probe
LOS ANGELES (AP)--A coalition of 49 civil rights groups added its voice Saturday to the growing chorus of people calling for an independent review of the widening Los Angeles Police Department corruption scandal.

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A&M; Plants Commemorative Saplings
Clinton Calls for Gun Restrictions
Clinton Assails Gay Marriage Ban
Clinton Challenges Online Companies
House Members Urge US to Quit WTO
Clinton Criticizes Congress on Guns
Lawmakers OK Airport Tax Boost
GOP: Patients Rights Provision OK'd
Senate OKs Education IRAs
Senate Approves Education IRAs

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