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GA-Source Exclusive: Official Blood 2 Add-on Pack Screenshots
Monolith Productions sent us the following screenshots from the upcoming official Blood 2 Add-on pack, The Nightmare Levels:

The Chosen are then subjected to their greatest nightmares one-by-one before Caleb finally faces off with the creature itself.

The upcoming mission pack/add-on will include:

2 new weapons: Combat shotgun and the Flayer
New models: Male Cultists, Soul Drudge,Prophet and Female Cultist
Levels: 6 new single player, 6 new multi-player

The Blood 2 ver2.0 Patch was released yesterday, you can download it right over here.
Reported By: Lorien Newman
Posted At: 3:14 pm CST - Thursday, February 18, 1999


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