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since 9/24 1997 last 6/21 1999 CubaseVST BBS復活しました
About Metamania Admin [THEATER]3/21 '99
What's 909?
my studio 9/5 '99
my sound (by chromatique)
5/11 '98
(English only)
HDJ MIXX!!(5/12 '98)
Using Roland VS-880
(Japanese Only , but music is commom in the world!)
Liveリポート「Tribal Communication on k.k.s」
5/31 '98(Japanese only)
MetaSynth World 5/3
"Japanese only now.but I make English version in the future wait a moment please :-) "
MetaSynth Xx BBS(Tree Type)
5/28 '98
CubaseVST BBS (Japan)(6/21 Renewal)
for CubaseVST user.(MAC & PC)
Supported by
a fortune

6/3 '98(Japanese Only??)
making sound
using Shockwave Flash plugin

(mayumi com)

Guest Book(苦情承り所)
English OK

SPYMANIA's project
Related on JavaScript/Perl
Contains Dangerous Script
(But for educational)

Almost contents are in Japanese
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