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All my original programming projects were done through Qbasic / Quickbasic 4.5.. Qbasic is very limited in memory and graphics, but was a fun language to use.. Here are some games and demos I did a while back.

Space War My first program to use the Blast Library.. Its a shoot 'em up game similar to Galaga. But with music, lots of enemies, backgrounds, and bosses.. to run the program, run the batch file named GO.bat, please be in a MS-Dos window to run.
Land of Illusions Land of Illusions was my RPG (and one of my first Qbasic programs).. I worked on it from 1996 to early 1999.. It isn't very long, doesnt have the greatest graphics, awful scrolling, no music. But isnt too bad, it had some limitations due to the amount of memory available to Qbasic. It was my biggest Qbasic project, and was fun working on.

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