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Welcome brothers and sisters to the Doukhobor Homepage. We hope you find this a useful resource. For those of you who have not previously heard of the Doukhobors we hope that you will come away with an understanding of who the Doukhobors are and perhaps you will find something you have been searching for.

This homepage includes 18 sections concerning various aspects of Doukhoborism. The article "Who are the Doukhobors?" will provide you with a general background of the Doukhobor people. Sections dealing with both Doukhobor beliefs and culture contain a growing number of articles and we have two new sections on Doukhobor history. As well, you can sample a selection of literature, psalms, recipes, pictures and a sound file. Information on the two recent Doukhobor centennial celebrations and current events are also present.

If you have any questions about the Doukhobors that you wish to have answered or if you would like to do further research on the topic there is a growing list of Doukhobor organizations which you may contact as well as a bibliography. Don't hesitate to contact me, Ryan Androsoff, about any questions you may have. Also please sign our Guestbook found below. Once again, please check back regularly for further updates and improvements.

Table of Contents

Who are the Doukhobors?

Time Line of Significant Events in Doukhobor History

Doukhobor History

Fundamental Beliefs

Doukhobor Psalms and Hymns

Culture and Traditions

Traditional Doukhobor Recipes

Doukhobor Organizations

Links to Doukhobor Web Sites

                                   1995 Celebrations in Review

1999 Centennial Celebrations in Review

Upcoming Events and Notices

Picture Gallery

Sound Gallery

Words of Wisdom

Assorted Extras

For Further Information...

Awards Page

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Highlights of the 1999 University of Ottawa International Conference on the Doukhobors!

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