AMBER: Journeys Beyond
Games - April 1997

$ 45

If you’re drawn to spooky phenomena and are intrigued by the drama of life, you’ll like AMBER. This high-quality graphic adventure puts you smack in the middle of several people’s death experiences as you explore a beautifully rendered 3-D photorealistic environment.

In AMBER, you are the co-worker of Roxanne Westbridge, who’s developing some pretty heavy-duty paranormal research devices. And she just bought a new Victorian house, which is filled with ghostly phenomena. When you go to check up on her, you find her all tranced-out or something, with some weird headgear on. To bring her back, you must use her equipment and explore all the ghostly goings-on. One device can be put on doorknobs to read electromagnetic residue left from traumatic events. When you take the readings, you’ll see some scary animations. Turns out some people have died here over the years, and you get to experience the hows and whys when you use Roxy’s other inventions.

Though the stories are rather predictable, they’re engaging. The puzzles are integrated into the story line and some are pretty easy; for someone with no sense of direction like me, the hardest part is getting around and figuring out what to do next. Not only do you have to explore the house and its various rooms, but also you must traipse through the garden, gazebo, boathouse and garage. In your travels, you’ll come across clues and puzzles, and also piece together the stories of those who lived here before. Going back in time is especially fun in the case of Margaret. Exploring her saga involves playing with a radio, which plays appropriate tunes from the 1940s.

AMBER provides a fun escapist experience for adventure gamers, and it may just get you wondering about what sort of things have happened through the years in your own home.

Carrie Shepherd
April 1997

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