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Why is the US "Best Of..." not the same as the Euro counterpart ?
Who's Who at Mega ?
What is the IFPI ?
What is the MIDEM?
Who is Clive Davis ?
Why did AOB record "Everytime It Rains"?
Where do I send snail-mail to Ace Of Base or its members??
Is it cool to be an artist?
What about tour plans?
Can I get an autograph?
What does the name "Ace Of Base" mean?
What's the difference between "executive producer" and "producer"?
How did "Mr. Ace" become "All That She Wants"??
Why three different clips for the single "Cruel Summer"?
US charts: what's the difference between the Hot 100 and the Soundscan chart? ?
Why is there a "Flowers" as well as a "Cruel Summer" album??
Why is the press occasionally referring to Ulf's past??
Why is Linn now out of focus and faraway on covers and videos???
Who are Linn,Joker and Buddha?
Who writes music and lyrics?
How does one become an artist?
Which 3 are related?
How long have you been singing?
Who thought of the name Ace Of Base?
Are you only together when you sing?
What do you do in your spare time?
Why is the US "Best Of..." not the same as the Euro counterpart ?
Universal went for the "Singles Of The 90s" in 1999 while Arista preferred to wait a while and release in April 2000. A song like "Life Is A Flower" was priorly released in Europe, but not in the US, as the US version of that song is titled "Whenever You're Near Me". These differences in titles and actual tracks included hark back to "Happy Nation" and its US counterpart "The Sign".
Who's Who at Mega Records and Megasong Publishing ?
Mega Records:

Kjeld Wennick / President, A&R; Head
Lene Olsen / A&R;, Production Manager
Anita Palmgren / International Coordinator
Jeppe Schramm / A&R; National

Megasong Publishing:

Claes Cornelius / Managing Director, A&R;
Jette M°ller, Writer Relations
What is the IFPI ?
IFPI is an acronym for "International Federation of the Phonographic
Industry" (in other words, a federation of record companies). Some
countries have own organizations, the US Recording Industry Associ-
tion of America (RIAA) being an example of an affiliated organization.
Among the duties taken care of by the IFPI: fighting piracy, stamping
out illegal MP3 sites and the like!!!
What is the MIDEM ?
The acronym MIDEM stands for (in French) "MarchÚ International
du Disque et de l'╔dition Musicale". It is a yearly music business
gathering and convention taking place in the third week of January
in Cannes, France. In later years, more than 10,000 attendees from
all over the World congregate in Cannes to plug and promote their
latest projects and artists. Ace Of Base are the recipients of
several awards presented at the MIDEM and Clive Davis has been
honored there as the "music personality of the year" a couple of
years ago. Among the prestigious awards received at this event are
several BMI broadcast performance awards, as both of "All That She
Wants" and "The Sign" were certified "Million Performance Songs"
by BMI, the actual awards being presented to Ace Of Base and
Megasong Publishing by Frances Preston, president of Broadcast
Music Inc., which is the longform name of BMI.
Who is Clive Davis ?
At present, Clive Davis is the most well-respected "Golden Ears" A&R; man in
the music business with 30+ years of constant hits to his name. He rose
rapidly through the echelons at CBS (now Sony Music) in the heydays of Simon
& Garfunkel, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Santana, Crosby Stills & Nash and all
of the other superstars CBS had on their CBS, Columbia, Epic and Portrait
labels. With Clive Davis and veteran A&R; personality John Hammond Sr., CBS
became the #1 label, in terms of prestige and World significance, launching
US artists across the planet. Clive Davis took also a lot of chances early on
by signing Donovan and The Bay City Rollers from the UK, and has been a
supporter of European talent in the United States all along.
His tumultuous exit from CBS paved the way for the founding of an own
record company, Arista, whose early signing Barry Manilow was an instant
smash hit and put Arista firmly on the music map. Arista was to build up a
roster of superstars, including luminaries such as Whitney Houston, Sarah
McLachlan, Mase, Next, Usher, Aretha Franklin, Brooks & Dunn, Kenny G., just
to mention some of the most recent releases and hits on the Arista roster of
Ace Of Base was signed by Clive Davis at a time when nobody in the US
music biz had any faith in them. Some of his competitors may well have
laughed at him, at the time... Look who's laughing now!
Arista represents thus Ace Of Base and Mega Records in the USA and
along with BMG in Canada, Mexico, Central & South America as well as Japan.
Clive Davis took early on a keen interest in masterminding Ace Of
Base's massive US album "The Sign" also by suggesting the song "Don't Turn
Around" to the group. He has a very hands-on approach and works in a constant
liaison and dialog with the artist, quite unlike most record company
presidents, usually remote figures only showing up for Platinum
Award presentations. On the basis of his staggering achievements, Clive Davis
is the recipient of too many awards, kudos and accolades to mention!
Why did AOB record "Everytime It Rains" ?
US composers and lyricists Rick Nowells, Maria Vidal and Billy
Steinberg originally presented this song to UK vocalist Annie
Lennox - the song never appeared with Lennox, discarded from her
album at some point. Clive Davis and Arista then suggested the
song to Ace Of Base and an initial version recorded and soon
abandoned. It was re-done at the insistence of Clive Davis, that
specifically asked for a version featuring Linn up front... Linn's
delivery on this recording is nothing short of extraordinary
and magical, proving that Linn is on par with the very best in
the business
Where do I send snail-mail to Ace Of Base or its members ?
You can send snail-mail to Mega addy in Copenhagen:

Mega Scandinavia A/S
Att.: Ace Of Base (or individual member name)
Indiakaj 1, DK-2100 Copenhagen ě., Denmark
How is it like to be an artist, famous all over the World ?
As long as it is at the dream stage, it is very cool to be an artist... But
then reality hits you progressively, in step with chart positions. As and
when you hit that magic #1 spot, all hell breaks loose as phones are ringing
off the hook, reams of faxes stream in and the press and fans are on a
constant alert and watch outside your doorstep. All of a sudden, everyone
that hated you loves you and your signature is precious - fans adore
autographs and all kinds of people wants you to sign away your profits on
the "dotted line"... You need managers, lawyers, accountants and business
advisors for every single move you make and media consultants, stylists,
make-up artists, hair and fashion designers to look trendy and cool. After
a while, it all becomes bewildering and you start wondering as to the logic
and sanity of it.
As soon as you have a hit, everyone speculates: "is this a one-hit-wonder or
will it last?". The game is on, as you and your producers and record company
try to top previous achievements selling more records than ever, playing
bigger tours. If you should happen to sell less records on a current album
than a prior one, everyone will sentence your career to an early demise. All
major artists have had a flop at some point, those having talent easily
surviving and prospering despite occasional set-backs.
On the positive side: as long as you have hits, you will be invited to VIP
parties, meet supermodels and famous actors and mingle with the rest of the
superstar Jet Set crowd.
On the negative side: you have to withstand constant jet lag conditions,
you'll soon become familiar with airports and airlines, delays and lost
luggage along the way... It may be cool, but it IS tough!!
Will Ace Of Base visit my city on tour ?
Tour plans and expectations are changing all of the time right now,
and tour plans are still sketchy
Can I get an autograph or a signed photo of Ace Of Base?
This one of the most frequent requests, and hard to cope with as
the sheer mass of requests is daunting... There are printed cards
but autographs are not something Ace Of Base can mass-produce, and
is usually possible in special occasions
What does the name "Ace Of Base" really signify ?
The band had a rehearsal space in an old and rambling building,
they referred to as their "base". The band thought that they were
indeed "ace" so when they ditched their previous name Tech Noir
they opted to call themselves "Ace Of Base" - this name had the
obvious advantage of being copyright-able. Mega and no-one else
objected to the name and Ace Of Base thus came into being!
Producers and studio glossary: who does what ?
Executive Producer: usually handling the overall project insofar
business aspects and marketing concepts on behalf of the record,
video or film company. Is also quite often the person in charge
of hiring one or several producers for an album recording project.

Producer: the person handling the specific recording sessions, in
charge of getting the very best out of a song-and-artist combination.
Hot producers are very much in demand as long as they have hits...

Engineer: the person handling the mixing board, effect units tape
machines while everyone else in the background talks, debates,
discusses unendingly...

Remixers: come in after the fact, and usually just need a DAT tape copy
of vocals, whih are then sampled in and mangled as much as possible to
generate endless remixes.
"All That She Wants" - production notes ?
The cassette that got stuck in Denniz PoP's car stereo contained
a demo of "Mr. Ace", in the running for being the follow-up to
the single "Wheel Of Fortune" which already sported the typical
Ace Of Base Pop-Reggae drum sound, later to be copied, sampled
and cloned by many other artists. Ace Of Base rearranged the song
in a Pop-Reggae mode under the guidance of Denniz PoP and came
up with the minor-into-major key transition that occurs as the
chorus kicks in on the words "all that she wants..."
"Cruel Summer": three single versions three videoclips ?
The Cutfather & Joe version is the one selected for A side status in
the US and the UK while Europe went for the version produced by Jam &
Delgado. In France, a special duet version was recorded with the French
band Alliage, which version also needed a promotional clip for the
Francophone countries. According to MTV, this is the very time an artist
has released three singles with clips of one same song!
Methods of chart computing in the US ?
Billboard's "Hot 100 Singles Chart" and the Soundscan counterpart differ in terms
of computing chart positions. The Hot 100 is based on taking airplay into account,
while the Soundscan chart tracks actual "over-the-counter" sales. As can easily be
imagined, the chart positions are rarely the same on both charts! This is also valid
for album charts.
"Flowers" and "Cruel Summer" - transatlantic differences in track listing?
Ace Of Base worked on 30+ songs in order to come up with the material
for what became the European album "Flowers" and its US counterpart "Cruel
Summer". The European / Scandinavian selection reflects the band's own choice
of versions while the US mixes and lyrics versions aim at targeting the US market
acccording to New York-based Arista Records (Ace Of Base's and Mega's representatives for the US,
Canada, Mexico, Central & South America as well as Japan).

Ace Of Base are innovators in providing a wide selection of versions or mixes of their
recordings. The single "Cruel Summer" is available in three videoclip versions, one being a French duet version with
the local group Alliage. Further songs surfaced as additional tracks on singles. A current "who's who" VIP list of producers worked with Ace Of Base
in studios in Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Aalborg, London, Stockholm, Oslo, Nashville and Los Angeles to
provide the sonic goods. Star producers include the likes of Stephen Hague, Cutfather & Joe,
Ole Evenrude, Charles Fisher, Johnny Jam & Delgado.
Street kid in Gothenburg ?
Ulf was left very much to his own devices while growing up
and got involved in local gangs in Gothenburg. These youth gangs were
generally skinheads, with racist and right-wing overtones with of the
nasty overtones that implies. Following the death
of a good friend as a result of gang warfare, Ulf opted out and started to become interested in music and switched ways
joining the three Berggren siblings to form what eventually became Ace Of Base. The Breggrens, by the way, were
absolutely Christian and have been in some quarters praised and in others laughed for their "peace love & understandig" stance. It is however ironical that
someone like Ulf, that changed his ways completely, has been hounded for it
ever since despite his forthrightness in talking about this subject in interviews
years ago... As a result of his early denouncing of right-wingers and racists,
scandal-mongers in the press have from time to time resurrected old news as being
fresh, mostly in Sweden. It is however sad to note that Sweden and Scandiavia as
a whole has a bit of a problem with would-be nazi types, as the liberal legislation
permits right-wingers to have clubs and associate. A recent rumor might however
develop in a large-scale scandal in Sweden, as TV reports assert that leading
Swedish dailies have paid huge amounts of money to right-wing organizations in
return for information!!

Ulf has been subject to threats from right-wing circles for years since recording
the likes of "Happy Nation", for example. Presumably, the media will resurrect old
news and present these as being "new revelations"...
Out of focus and faraway: Linn's new role in the band ?
Linn has reliquished the role of front vocalist and delegated
her singing duties to sister Jenny. Linn has had recurrent problems
with her voice since album II, "The Bridge", and would not be able
to withstand the rigors of touring. As it represents and significant
change, the band has decided to concentrate all visual attention on
Jenny for the time being.
Linn about her new role in the band: Video | Text
Who are Linn,Joker and Buddha ?
Linn is Malin
Joker is Jonas
Buddha is Ulf
Who writes music and lyrics ?
All 4 of us, but mostly Jonas
How does one become an artist ?
Never give up,if you believe in something. Believe in your product.
Do you have any children ?
Is it cool to be an artist ?
Yes,but it's tough too.
Who thought of the name Ace Of Base ?
We created it together.Before that were we called Tech Noir,
but people had problems saying and spelling it, and
furthermore was there another band with that name.
Are you only together when you sing ?
The siblings are often together with the family, and we all meet when
we do promotion and recordings,but also in private
What do you do in your spare time ?
Jenny: I write music, paint, ride, hang out with friends, read,and play sports.

Malin: About the same as Jenny, but I also like to play the piano, and I am
going to learn guitar. I also want a motorcycle license.

Ulf : I work a lot in the studio with our music. I'm also very interested in
computers. I like to drive around in my car, and visit my friends.

Jonas: I also work a lot in the studio with our music. I like to hang out with
my friends, and also spend a lot of time with my [now ex-] fiancee.