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Welcome to the SkySoft home page, here you will find information on latest programming and anime projects plus lots more! SkySoft is an upcoming company focused on making great games for the Windows 32 bit operating system and lots of anime stuff.


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"Final Fantasy V Cave Theme"


Well, uploaded some artwork, David and I need to finish more planning on Terrain of Darkness, lots of cool stuff will be done in the next days though.




Nine more days till I meet up with my friend David. It will be very cool. Around July 10th or 11th I hope to have lots of cool artwork and information posted on Valehart and Terrain of Darkness. I didn't add too much to the web page today. Preparing some reviews still, uploaded some images to be used for the reviews. Fixed up a couple pages. And modified the Skysoft image at the top. There is still a few more things I need to fix up though

Attention all geocities people. In case you aren't aware, Yahoo now runs geocities and thaey have new "special deal " Whatever you make / create / do and upload to geocities becomes 100% property OF geocities. I am very glad I moved my page. All files besides two html pages have been deleted off of my geocities account.. They have defined a new meaning to the word GREED. Its nice to know that they are out to steal people's work, and to think that they already make a ton of money! Just my two cents..


Added a section for my old programs (from 1996 to January 1999) written in QB45. Check it HERE. Also uploaded two old programs, Land of Illusions (my RPG), and Space War (shooter)


Well, not much new, added a small music plugin.. Just figured I would do a quick update. Also fixed up a few pages and added some misc stuff.

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