The PSI Solutions Centers are freestanding, outpatient facilities designed to meet the psychiatric programming needs of the local mental health community.

Working closely with the PSI psychiatric practices, the programs are designed to augment the existing services in a community and provide needed treatment modalities. Services range from Partial Hospitalization Programs, Intensive Outpatient Programs, to Traditional Outpatient group and family therapy. The centers have been defined by Richard Treadway, MD, Chairman of the PSI Board of Directors as " a Hospital without Beds" capable of offering all of the services provided at a Hospital except the overnight supervision component. Each Solutions Center provides programming consistent with the needs of the community it serves. Guided by the psychiatrists serving as its Medical Directors, the Solutions Center programs are designed with quality and expertise. Each Center, as Community Mental Health Centers, provide a Partial Hospitalization Program, Outpatient Services, Assessments for State Hospitalization, 24 Hour Emergency Services, and Consultation/Education Services.

The Solutions Center in Nashville

Located at 310 25th Ave North in Suite 208 in Nashville, Tennessee, the PSI Solutions Center operates the RESTORE Geriatric Partial Hospitalization Program under the Medical Direction of Robert Jack, MD and the Program Coordination of Sandra Packer, LCSW, ACSW. The RESOLVE Adult Outpatient Programs (Intensive OP Program; Extended OP Program; and traditional groups) serve patients with a process group modality and topic-focused, skill groups. The Adult Outpatient Programs are under the Medical Direction of James Hart, MD and the Program Coordination of Paul Morris, LCSW. Traditional Topic Focused therapy groups are also offered to augment the needs of the patients served in the community.

Jim Kendall, LCSW serves as the Executive Director of the Nashville Solutions Center. For more information call 615-777-6500 or FAX 615-777-6504.