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Computers in General

The Internet FAQ Consortium
frequently asked questions with answers from over 1500 Usenet newsgroups--all kinds of topics, both computer-related and not
definitions of many, many computer-related terms, plus other (not always computer-releated) reference info. I prefer this less cluttered version of their start page.

General UNIX

UNIX Reference Desk
very thorough list of unix-related links
Dan Stromberg's intro unix links
Unix Education information at Indiana University
GNU Info
documentation at Cornell for GNU software and some others
GNU Manuals Online
the GNU project's own web site, sometimes more up-to-date than the Cornell page above
Unix Man (manual) Pages via the WWW
UNIX User's Supplementary Documents (USD)
selected documents from this basic reference in PostScript form
Unix Seventh Edition Manual
the original documentation that came with the 1979 Seventh edition release of the Unix operating system; has links to postscript and pdf versions. These documents include early manuals for awk, sed, troff, eqn, and the ms macros, among other things.
see also user guides and system administration information below.

User Guides
UNIX commands: A quick guide
UNIXhelp for Users
an excellent beginner's guide to common tasks, developed at the University of Edinburgh.
Introduction to UNIX
course notes
UNIX Reference Card (pdf format)
Indiana University Computing Services Knowledge Base
The C Shell tutorial
Unix is a Four Letter Word... and Vi is a Two Letter Abbreviation
Unix at Fermilab
a very detailed guide to unix commands and utilities
HP-UX Equivalents for BSD Commands

X Windows
Athena Consulting (MIT) Xwindows Stock Answers
Anthony's Hints 'N' Tips -- The X Window System
X11 FAQs
Rice Univ. X Windows info (pdf format)

Bourne Shell Programming
Beyond Your First Shell Script
article from Linux Journal, parts may be bash-specific
Shell Programming
chapter in study guide for a system administration course
Unix Shell Scripting
part of Indiana University's System Administration Education Certification Course class materials
Heiner's SHELLdorado
extensive information, links, and examples for shell scripting

Perl Tutorial. Another location for the same tutorial
Take 10 Minutes to Learn Perl
a quick tutorial that also includes links to other perl resources
the home for perl. Helpful sections of the site include
The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
index to perl modules, documentation, perl distributions
a categorized, searchable collection of questions and answers relating to perl

Python Home Page

Scriptics TCL Resource Center hierarchical directory of TCL/TK resources
Tcl/Tk Information

System Administration
Unix Guru Universe
Stokely's Unix System Administrator's Resources
Unix System Administration class text, lots of info
Unix Workstation System Administration Education Certification Course another class text with a lot of information
UNIX System Manager's Manual (SMM) postscript versions of some documents from the 4.4 BSD distribution

Specific Platforms
Sun Product Documentation There's a lot here, all in html and searchable.
The Linux Documentation Project Be sure to check for a mirror near you.
Tru64 UNIX documentation


A Beginner's Guide to Effective Email
Overview of UNIX Mail Programs
OCF Help on Electronic Mail
EECS Instructional Guide to Mail Between Networks
Introduction to MIME
There is a listing of current MIME types in parts 4 and 5 of the MIME faq

Setting up a vacation message
Setting up mailing lists on hera

Pine Information Center the people who wrote it
Berkeley IS&T Pine Information
Electronic Mail Using Pine An interactive course in using Pine.
Pine Tutorial
Intermediate Pine Guide

E-Mail with the elm mailer
ELM -- A better way
Electronic Mail - Elm
The Elm Users Guide
The Elm Reference Guide
Elm - Electronic Mail for UNIX the homepage of the group that develops (developed?) elm

MH and exmh
The MH Mailer--A brief intro
MH for Beginners
Introduction to MH and xmh more detail than the brief intro
MH Message Handler Home Page
MH & nmh: Email for Users & Programmers free online version of the O'Reilly MH book, updated regularly
EECS Instructional Guide to Using MH
Exmh home page--all sorts of exmh info
EXMH Documentation and References includes searchable archive of exmh mailing lists

Unix Mail and mailx
Why you should switch to another mail reader
EECS Instructional Guide to BSD Mail
Stopping the message list from scrolling off the screen in UNIX Mail
Having UNIX Mail append a .signature file automatically
Quoting a message in UNIX Mail and marking quoted text with a '>'
Creating a mail distribution list using UNIX Mail
Where does my UNIX mail go after I read it?

Getting Started with Eudora for the Macintosh
Windows Eudora
Pete Beim's [Unofficial] Eudora FAQs & Links

Text Editing and Formatting

Identifying and Printing Unfamiliar Unix Files

Using the vi editor
The vi text editor under unix: a quick guide
Mastering the VI editor a tutorial
Vi For Smarties. The "world's fastest Vi tutorial."
Feature: The VI Editor Yet another vi tutorial, with both introductory and advanced information. It even has an index.
Unix is a Four Letter Word... and Vi is a Two Letter Abbreviation
vilearn - the online vi tutorial
Vi documents by Miles O'Neal and Susan Liebeskind. Introduction and reference manual.
VI Command list summary
vi Reference. A bit difficult to understand, but very detailed, so I'd think it would be useful when you need the command for an obscure task. A (to me) easier on the eyes version is available here.
The vi editor (and vim) FAQs The vi faq includes information on learning and using vi, as well as quick reference guides for vi commands, colon commands, and set options. Vim faq contains information about features of vim that are different from standard vi. There's a real HTML version of the vi FAQ, but it looks like it may not be kept up to date with the text version posted to usenet.
VI Lovers' Home Page More information than you ever knew existed on vi and its clones.

Emacs reference materials lots of good stuff
Emacs help from BYU
Athena Consulting (MIT) Emacs Stock Answers
Emacs Info Files
Advanced Emacs quick-guide

Athena Consulting (MIT) Frame Stock Answers
FrameMaker Faq

*roff (troff, groff, etc.)
UNIX Text Formatting Using the -ms Macros This document provides an excellent overview of the -ms macros, but some of the information is out of date. You should probably ignore the instructions on how to run the nroff and troff programs, and anything about the typesetter or the Versatec. (This document predates PostScript and groff.)
EECS/COE Groff Overview
Academic Computing Services (UCSD) Troff Help
the Bell Labs Technical Reports archive includes a 1992 revision of the nroff/troff user's manual, in postscript form.
see also the Unix Seventh edition manuals, above

TeX and LaTeX
LaTeX2e for authors. also here.
LaTeXe help detailed latex2e users guide
LaTeX help detailed latex 2.09 users guide
Athena Consulting (MIT) Latex Stock Answers
Help On TeX and LaTeX reference guide
Pointers to TeX Resources
TeX and LaTeX Help from U Penn
TeX, LaTeX, etc.: Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

Macintosh Computing

General Information
General Macintosh FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Macintosh System Software
Miscellaneous Frequently Asked Questions (Mac)
The Well Connected Mac all sorts of Mac information, including above FAQ lists and others
UC Berkeley Macintosh Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started with Eudora for the Macintosh
Macintosh Security
Mac Network Troubleshooting
How to Exchange Files with Other Computers from your Macintosh using Fetch

Ask Dr. Micro: What Should I Do When My Macintosh Crashes?
Troubleshooting Macintosh Problems
Recommended Tools for Troubleshooting Macintosh Problems

Macintosh application software (Word, Excel, and so on) FAQ
Microsoft Excel Guide
Microsoft Word Guide
Introduction to Framemaker
Introduction to Photoshop

You can also get many of WSSG's Mac handouts from the Information Central volume of Cornucopia, using AppleShare.

PC/80x86 Computing

PC Lube and Tune the name's a little odd, but this site has a lot of great nuts & bolts pc info, including...
Surviving the Next Operating System

Microsoft Windows
The PC-Friendly Internet Guide has a big Win95 section under 'Computing Supjects'
Microsoft Windows FAQ win 3.1
Microsoft's Windows 95 Detailed Questions and Answers
Kingsoft Solutions' QAID pages Question Answer Information Database pages on Windows 95 and Visual Basic for Windows programming
Windows NT User Guide
iNformaTion NT site with pointers to all sorts of info
Windows NT 3.5 Frequently Asked Questions
Windows NT Security FAQ
See also the Macintosh applications section. Many of these applications are almost identical under Windows.

The Internet

Internet Web Text (a meta-guide to all sorts of internet information--very thorough)
Helpweb: Getting Started on the Internet
Learn The Net also in Franšais, Italiano, Espa˝ol, and Deutsch
Guide to Online Search Tools
The Teaching Library Internet Guides
University at Albany (SUNY) Libraries Internet Tutorials
Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia a more advanced guide to the technology of the Internet
EFF's (Extended) Guide to the Internet (formerly Big Dummy's) (1994)
Internet basics, by Roy Tennant (1992)

The World Wide Web (WWW)
The World Wide Web Consortium
World Wide Web FAQ
A Beginner's Guide to URLs
Lynx Help Files
Lynx Basics
Introduction to World Wide Web: Getting Started especially for beginners at UC Berkeley
World Wide Web Overview from the UC Berkeley Library
see also the WWW section of my bookmarks

Reading Usenet News (from the OCF. Includes pointers to help with rn/trn, nn, and tin)
Guide to Usenet News
Reading News with Tin
GNUS (the emacs news reader)

Unix gopher help

Choosing a good password
EECS Kerberos Help
Kerberos Users' Frequently Asked Questions
Kerberos Reference Page
UNIX Computer Security Primer
Computer Security Frequently Asked Questions
Unix Security Information
Netsurfer Focus: Computer and Network Security
Computer Viruses and Security "An Introduction to nasty things that go bump in the night"
Cryptography, PGP, and Your Privacy page from the WWW virtual library. I've looked only at the PGP stuff, but it's very thorough.

UNIX Computer Security Primer
from the dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California, Berkeley
X Windows Security
X Windows Sercurity, magic cookies & xauth
Crash Course in X Windows Security

Macintosh Security

For the computer-savvy crowd
Nat'l Inst. of Standards and Technology's Computer Security Resource Clearinghouse
World Wide Web Security
CERT Coordination Center

Jan Pardoe
6 April 2000