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January 11, 1999

Suze Orman IV

The Truth...
During the holidays a lot of you celebrated, shopped and spent. But before addressing that subject (and Suze Orman's techniques for undoing the financial damage it may have caused) Oprah put to rest a rumor about designer Tommy Hilfiger. For the record, the rumored event that has circulated on the Internet and by word-of-mouth never happened. Mr. Hilfiger has never appeared on the show. In fact, Oprah has never even met him. With that cleared up, we now return you to your regularly scheduled Scoop...

Holiday Hangover?Max and Carolee
So, how'd you do this past holiday season? Are you like Belinda and Joe, or Leisa and Alan, who went into debt AGAIN to buy presents? Or did you follow Max and Carolee's example, and only pay cash? The difference between the two was easy to see. Without post-holiday bills hanging over their heads, Max and Carolee seemed relaxed, happy, even proud of themselves. In fact, says Max, "we haven't fought about money since we were on the show."

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are
If you slipped over the holidays, all is not lost. But time is running out for you to attain financial freedom by 2000. The first step is to stop hiding -- stop hiding from your debt, stop hiding your debt from others, and most important, stop hiding from your money. "We are about to walk into the millennium," Suze reminded us all. "Each of us needs to take a vow that we're going to walk into it powerful and financially free. No more excuses." If you missed the techniques from Suze's earlier appearances, or you've finally decided to get with the financial freedom program, see Suze's area of Change Your Life.

Go, Team!
Financial teamOprah also checked in on our young adult financial team -- the nine college students and recent grads who had buried themselves in over $75,000 of credit card bills. As of today, they've reduced that amount by almost $30,000. How'd they do it? By facing their money fears, creating a new truth, repeating it 75-100 times a day, reducing the clutter in their wallets and homes, saving change, reducing spending, avoiding holiday money binges and -- probably most important -- paying off those cards.

Personal Worth
Some team members have been more successful than others. Matt's mom paid off his $5,000 bill, and he's since maxed out his cards again. And Tori is struggling just to tread water. What's wrong? Suze says it's a lack of self-esteem. "The lower your self-esteem, the higher debt you will create." Why? Because folks with low self-esteem mistakenly believe they are the things they own, NOT the things they do and believe. "If you get out of debt and have done nothing to work on who you are," Suze cautioned us all, "the debt will come back."

People First Suze
If you're in the same boat as Matt and Tori, how do you bail it out? "Start your day by saying that you're more, by feeling that you're more, and connecting to who you really are. Start to turn toward yourself and your money." Most of us value things more than ourselves, she added. That's all backwards. "It's people first, then money, then things." For some ideas on how to remember that you're more, click into our Remembering Your Spirit area for fast, fast relief!

If you'd like a transcript of today's program, or any program, click here to order one from Burrelle's Transcripts for five dollars.

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