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Protector Plus Antivirus Software
Bulk License Offer

We have the Bulk License Offer for those interested in purchasing multiple licenses or combinations of Protector Plus range of antivirus packages. You can reduce the cost of having complete virus protection under the Bulk License Offer. 

Upto 20 licenses for desktop PCs and upto 5 licenses for the servers should be availed at the standard price only. Please refer the on-line order page for more details for small quantity licenses. Bulk License Offer is for higher quantity purchases only.

Fill in the form given below and a Proland Representative will get in touch with you.

The bulk licensing offer is valid for any combination of these products:

1. Protector Plus for Windows 95 and Windows 98.
2. Protector Plus for Windows NT Workstations.
3. Protector Plus for Windows NT Servers.
4. Protector Plus for Windows 3.x and DOS.
5. Protector Plus for NetWare Servers.

You can download the 30 day Evaluation Copies of the entire range Protector Plus Antivirus Software packages.

The advantages of the Bulk License Offer are:

1. Lesser cost compared to separate purchases.
2. Complete virus protection from single vendor for all platforms.
3. FREE upgrades on all platforms for one year.
4. Committed support.

The Bulk Licensing Offer is ideal for the following category of users:

1. Corporate entities having large number of computers.
2. Educational institutions.
3. Computer manufacturers or re-sellers wanting to pre-load the antivirus software onto their PCs and Servers.
4. Computer accessories manufactures wanting to bundle antivirus software along with their drivers and other software.
5. Application software (niche products) vendors wanting to bundle antivirus software along with their software.
6. Organizations in the business of renting or maintaining PCs and Networks.
7. Any other category of large users.

Fill in this form to get the best Bulk License Offer for your need:

Your Name:       
Your Email:        (Required)
Company Name: 
Number of Licenses required:
           Product                                                 Quantity
Protector Plus for Windows 95/98                 
Protector Plus for Windows NT Workstations 
Protector Plus for Windows 3.x and DOS       
Protector Plus for Windows NT Servers          
Protector Plus for NetWare Servers                
Offtake Period:
(Whether the number of licenses mentioned above are required at once or will they be required over a period)

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