Praetorian Pi

The little Praetorian Pi symbol -- but what does it mean?  You may be asking yourself that question, or you may already know.  How many people saw The Net?  It's one of my favorite movies, and not because my goal in life is to be like Angela Bennett (played by Sandra Bullock - one of my favorite actresses)  I like it because you don't really know what it is, or even why it's there.  But yet you're compelled to click on it.  And that's why you're here.  "Curiosity killed the cat" or so they say, but I say you should be here, congrats, you have found something secret and if not for that curiosity, you would not be here.  So now that you're here, you might as well take advantage of it.  If you own a web page, you are welcome to take one of the graphics below and place it on your page.  There is a special place for the little Praetorian Pi symbol, the very bottom, on your right, just where you should have found this one.  Nothing could be more simple.  The goal is that you don't tell anyone that it's there.  It's up to the people who come to find it on their own with no help from you.  If you want to join the mystery, email me at and let me know that you've taken one of my pi graphics, then place it on the bottom right side of your site and see what happens.  Link the graphic to this page:
and don't forget to let me know.  Then as people find it they will also be given the chance to continue the conspiracy -- or is it?

Please remember that you may not have come from my site to this page, many people are out there on the net helping with this "conspiracy" - so if you found this page and haven't found my site and would like to check it out my site is

Carry on the "Gatekeeper" - the Praetorian Pi symbol
You may select from any of these graphics to place on your site.  Simply save the image you like the best, and upload it to your own server.  Then place it on the botton of your site to the right hand side and link it back to then you will help continue to carry it on.  Don't forget to let me know that you took one too.

The Pi has been discovered times!

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