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Freethought Crossroads

Freethought Crossroads encourages you to use your own mind to question and critically evaluate religious dogma. It also encourages you to not throw away the good with the bad. Community, spirituality, and moral values are all important. You should use your mind, and you should also nourish your spirit.


Is there a God? What arguments are there for and against the existence of God? What does it mean for there to be a God? What are atheists really like?


Is Christianity really true? Is the Bible God's word? Who was Jesus Christ? Are Christians morally superior to other people?


Can faith be reconciled with reason? What is freethought? How can reason best be employed to find answers? What role can philosophy play in developing the mind?


What positive guidance can religion give us for living our lives? What aid can morality, spirituality, and meaningfulness give to us for living our lives? Can we have these in our lives even if there is no God?

Unitarian Universalism

Unitarian Universalism is a liberal religious community with a wide range of diversity among its members. It includes humanists, pagans, Christians, Jews, and many others, basing community on shared values rather than on a shared creed. Is it right for you? Come read about its history, learn about the diversity it enjoys, and read many UU sermons on-line.

Where to Start?

Freethought Crossroads comes from a Humanist Atheist UU perspective, but it is not targeted at any one group of people. Some pages will be more relevant for some people than others will. To help you find a page which is most relevant for you, I have put together this form which will direct you a page that is relevant to where you presently are in your spiritual journey. From the list box below, select the first statement you agree with, then click Go.

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Free Email for Freethinkers

Get a Free E-mail Address Get ZZN

The Zap Zone Network allows individual websites to offer free web-based email accounts. I have tried out various web-based email accounts, including Yahoo, Hotmail, and BigMailBox, and those offered by ZZN are the best I've used. This site offers email accounts. You can use one to let anyone you email know you're a freethinker.

Other ZZN email accounts which may be of interest, but which are not provided by me, include,,,,,,,,,, and Sign up for any of these email accounts by following the link to it. If you would like a different email domain than any listed here, you can always set up your own with If it would be fitting to mention it here, please let me know about it.


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