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HND/BSc Hons Computing (2+2 scheme)

This is a new four year degree which has been designed to offer a variety of patterns of study depending on your progress and the stage at which you intend to seek a job. The programme emphasises the vocational and practical aspects of computing and provides you with a broad education in modern computing methods, business data processing, programming, networks and computer organisation that will prepare you for a career in programming and systems analysis within industry, commerce or the public sector. The course provides the opportunity to gain membership of the British Computer Society through individual application after obtaining the degree and the required period of professional experience.

The normal study period is four years but depending on your rate of progress, you may be able to complete the ordinary degree in three years and top this up to an Honours degree by doing a project part-time in the fourth year. Students on this course are encouraged to take a great deal of responsibility for choosing their own course and managing their own work. Emphasis is placed on teaching you how to learn and providing you with adaptable skills which can be applied and developed further in your professional career.

Students who show the right potential can transfer to BSc Computer Science, BA Business Computing, BSc Network Computing, BSc Software Engineering or BSc Computer Systems after the first or second years and complete their Honours degree in three years of full-time study or in four years if they include a sandwich placement year.

Successful students who wish to seek employment after two years of study will be awarded an HND. If you later change your mind, you may return to the University at least one year after leaving in order to carry on with your studies for an Honours degree.

Entry requirements...

The University wants to promote access to higher education for all potential students. The main criterion for entry to the course is the capability to benefit from it and succeed. Candidates over the age of 21 will be admitted if they can demonstrate that they meet this requirement.

Candidates between 18 and 21 should hold one of the following:

All candidates must be able to demonstrate competence in Mathematics and English.

Course structure (module choice)....

Year 1 Introduction to Information Systems (double module) Introduction to Software Engineering (double module) Introduction to Computing Mathematics Business Information Technology 1
Foundations of Business Organisation HCI and Communication Skills
Year 2 Systems Development Tools and Techniques (double module) Professional Skills and Group Project (double module) Software Engineering Problem-Solving
Database Systems Practice Computer Networks
Successful students intending to leave will be awarded HND Computing
Year 3 and
Year 4
Choose from left-hand list below Choose from right-hand list below Choose from either list below Computing Special Study and one option from the right-hand list below or Computer Science Project (double module)
Choose from left-hand list below Choose from right-hand list below Choose from either list below
Computer Project Management Choose from right-hand list below Up to SIX additional modules from the lists below may be studied
Options may be chosen from this list:
  • Operating Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence Methods*
  • Mutimedia Systems
  • O-O Programming*
  • Commercial Programming*
  • User Interface Design*

* At least one of these modules must be chosen
Options may be chosen from this list:
  • Computer Vision and Image Processing
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Information Systems Perspectives
  • Data Modelling and Knowledge Bases
  • Internet Applications
  • Computer Graphics and Visualisation
  • Data Administration and Database Management
  • AI and Expert Systems
  • Principles of Computer Networks
  • Business Information Technology Strategy
  • Data Management in GIS
  • Embedded and Industrial Computer Applications

We reserve the right to amend the programme in the interests of improving the quality of education.

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