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DNS Cool Stuff
posted by jhall May 19 2000
Website I've known about this for a while, but I thought I'd post it here before I forgot about it again: some kind soul has registered the freedos.com domain, and put up a simple page that points the user back to freedos.org. Too often, you hear about domain name "squatters" who grab a domain name, then charge you an arm and a leg to buy it back so customers/visitors won't confuse the two sites. But you never hear about the "good guys" who purchase a domain name to keep it from falling in the hands of squatters. Thanks, Moshe!
FreeDOS at work: dedicated terminals
posted by jhall May 19 2000
Colin Elliott emailed me a great example how he was able to bring old hardware to life at his company using FreeDOS: I've been using FreeDOS for a while now. It started at work when we put in a Citrix MetaFrame Terminal server farm. We dug up a bunch of old 486's to use as client machines. However was ran into the usual problem with lisencing. FreeDOS to the rescue, and now I'm a hero. Ok not quite, but getting FreeDOS in opened up the door for lots of other Open Source software as well. We now have several Linux Servers running Samba. Anyway ... FreeDOS was, in my organization at least, the thin edge of the wedge. Imagine for a moment senior managers: "What do you mean half of our desktop's already run on open source?"
FreeDOS at work: flash BIOS updates
posted by jhall May 19 2000
Jim Stiles wrote to tell me how he has used FreeDOS at work to update a flash BIOS. I often hear from vendors who are using FreeDOS to boot a flash BIOS update floppy, but rarely have I heard from "techs in the field" who use FreeDOS for this: I want to thank the FreeDOS project. This afternoon my boss told me to upgrade the Flash BIOS on my DELL computer (I am not sure why). In order to do this, one must boot up in MS-DOS. Because NT 4.0 does not give the user that option (everyone else in the office is a Win98 fiend), I had to get a DOS boot disk and my DOS 6.22 boot disk is at home. So I downloaded the MINI BETA4 distribution of FreeDOS and made a bootable disk. After rebooting with FreeDOS, the program that converts the BIOS from A03 to A08 worked perfectly. From what I can tell with this test, FreeDOS appears to be an excellent operating system for computers operating unattended at remote locations.
posted by jhall May 15 2000
This has to be the most innovative port ideas I've seen, but it sounds cool! Terry Lampoudi writes: So, I've been fooling around with a bunch of things lately and I think I'll start mucking around w/ porting FreeDOS to Sparc (mainly cause there is no DOS for SPARC architectures that I know of, secondly cause I seem to be on some real good crack lately). Any objections? Suggestions?
If only I had SPARC hardware to play with, I'd help out! Sometimes ya gotta do it purely for the hack value.
FreeDOS '386 Project
posted by jhall May 15 2000
Website Joe Kelly has started a project to put FreeDOS on '386+ PC's, using a GUI. The idea is to become better than DOS+Windows. From the web page: The specs for this project are complex. To make an Operating System that does not need help from Windows/Dos and can run a lot of the common Dos games and produce a GUI that will have a Windows/X look and feel. Uses kernel build 2019, FreeCOM 0.68, and Seal Version "D".
Update 5/19/00: There is a pre-release available of FreeDOS '386 on the web site.
Minor site change
posted by jhall May 15 2000
I have made a minor html change to the web site. On the top level page and on the news archive page, you will now see the news topic title in a green bar, with the story below. I think this helps readability, and everyone who peeked at it during its development seemed to think highly of it. Also, the [WEB_SITE] link has been replaced with an icon, which also looks cleaner on the page.
Replace v2.0
posted by jhall May 14 2000
Website Joe Cosentino writes: Replace v2.0 has been released. In this version I've optimized the code, added the /U option and fixed (hopefully) all of the bugs. It is downloadable from my website
Updated FDXMS
posted by jhall May 9 2000
Louis P. Santillan writes: Well...I've cleaned up my NASM port a bit. I now seem to have the addressing opcodes the same size (TASM "optimizes" in a very peculiar fashion; sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't). Also, I noticed that the nearly all of the XOR AX, AX (replace AX for any other register) are generated slightly differently fom TASM though NDISASM recognizes both forms. Oddly, some of addresses are still off and and the generated binary is still 9 bytes larger and crashes on every single run on my machine and in bochs. :( You can download this slightly updated version. However, since I do not have TASM to assemble the original, and therefore cannot apply a much needed patch to delay. However, I could provide anyone with the patched source and if they could kindly assemble it for me, I (and probably others ;) would be greatful.
Update 5/11/00: Louis P. Santillan writes: Thanks to Ralf Quint, there is a new build of FDXMS with my patch to the A20 code. Apparently in the original code, the CPU was never reset when the status changes and it uses an oddly delay techinque which could be the reason why the original binary hangs on some machines. Binary w/source is available. Anyone who has trouble in the past with FDXMS, please test this new build and provide me with some feedback.
This has also been copied to the FreeDOS server as fdxms2kb.zip.
posted by jhall May 9 2000
Nagy Daniel has released an update to the CuteMouse mouse driver. This is a tiny mouse driver for serial and PS/2 mice. You can download it from the official site, or grab it from our files archive.
RealDOS 2.0 beta
posted by jhall May 7 2000
Website DOSProfi has released a beta of his next version of RealDOS (a DOS distribution based on FreeDOS): RealDOS 2.0 Beta 1 DiskSet 1 is now available. Go to http://www.realdos.de/english. Includes Kernel 2019 and FreeCOM 0.79.
Update 5/11/00: RealDOS 2.0 Beta 1 DiskSet Utils is now available.
EURO support for FreeDOS
posted by jhall May 7 2000
Aitor Santamaria Merino writes: I am pleased to announce the first release of the EURO utility, that will provide Euro management for FreeDOS (and other DOSes). With EURO, you will be able to display the Euro symbol in our DOS, as well as to produce the Euro symbol with your keyboard, by using the combination AltGr+E (RightAlt+E). As I still haven't prepared a site, I will provide the program (released under GPL license) via e-mail. Please, send email if you want to have the EURO utility package. Currently available:
EURO 0.9 (beta1) English (19.8 Kb) - EURO utility package

I have requested a copy of this program, and I will post it on the FreeDOS site.
Update 5/9/00: This has been mirrored in the files archive on the FreeDOS site: go there.
Also from: Germany, Austria
Anyone have a copy of the old kernel page?
posted by jhall May 7 2000
Okay, I didn't get a chance to make a mirror of the old kernel page at twistedpair.net before it went away on me. This is now showing "404 not found". Does anyone have a copy of this page? Please email me if you do. I am specifically looking for a copy of the old kernel compatibility list. It would be nice to put a copy of this on our new kernel page at SourceForge.
Kernel CVS update
posted by jhall May 6 2000
Website James Tabor writes: [We have] moved the CVS to SourceForge.net. I would like to have this opportunity to thank Jim for organizing the move too! Let's not forget John's contributions to FreeDOS over the year for supporting the Kernel Group and hosting gcfl.net for this List! Many Thanks to John Price! GBY! The CVS move will allow the kernel group more access to the CVS and show others outside the progress with FreeDOS. I think this is the way to go. ... I have made some changes and fixes to the kernel. I'm trying to finish up with IOCTL.c right now. I've added ioctl code to dsk.c, adding support for dos functions 440d subfunc 0866 and 0868. I've added dos function 69 and 6c too. The current CVS reflects the new changes except the fully operational code for it. I haven't updated the new CVS yet with the working code. The 6c code is brain damaged and I would like to shrink the code down some more. So every one will see a #if statement preceding it. I will post a full list of bugs and needed changes sometime during the next week. I hope this will generate some response and allow everyone to contribute to the kernel.
Ask FreeDOS: System Clock
posted by jhall May 5 2000
Often, you can run into the problem where the PC's clock counter gets a little out of sync. Eric P. van Westendorp emailed this solution to Florian X: technote090
Internet DOS apps
posted by jhall May 5 2000
Website I am always on the lookout to add more useful internet apps for FreeDOS. Dev Teelucksingh sent me this list: technote087. So, the next question is: has anyone used these apps under FreeDOS or MS-DOS? Which would you recommend we add to the FreeDOS Internet software list? Please email me if you can make any recommendations. A note to the FreeDOS mailing list would also be helpful so we can all discuss it.
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Need technical help?
Will Lewis has decided to offer free tech-support via this e-mail address for FreeDOS if people have any problems. Anyway, this is my small contribution to the OS I love so much.

Thanks to Bill Weinman and WebMonster for hosting the FreeDOS site!

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