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the media parasite

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Learn your rights and combat cop-culture!
   COPSwatch is attorney Richard Glen Boire's commentary on the unlawful police tactics routinely captured on episodes of the COPS television show.
   COPSwatch teaches you how to protect your privacy and confront unlawful police tactics by knowing and invoking your constitutional rights.

Commandeer Copitalism?
   Rather than produce a videotape to teach people their constitutional rights, Spectral Mindustries set out to hack the professional production and nationwide distribution of the COPS television show by coupling it with attorney Boire's free-minded legal commentary.
   It's a parasitosis sure to displease the Mark Fuhrmans of the world -- and perhaps the COPS TV cadre.


About RGB and Spectral Mindustries
   Richard Glen Boire is the author of numerous books and articles that probe the interspace of drugs, culture, and control theory.
   For more information about his books and other culture-jamming projects, blip to

  Spectral Mindustries is an anti-organization; a small cell of artists and theorizers subsisting as paradoxes. Our central site is:

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Latest COPSwatch
Blindman's Bluff: The law of consent searches


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Ready for More?
Spectral Mindustries publishes several books and periodicals by Richard Glen Boire. If you want to get an in-depth practical education on your rights, or keep tabs on the ever-encroaching Police State please visit our bookstore.

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"Culture jammers draw upon the facts of our society,
this cacophony of fragmentary media images, to describe things as they are.
But I think at the heart of their reassemblings is the hope that there could be another kind of world,

a world where rather than incoherence there could be coherence,
rather than a devaluation of the human in favor of the commodity
there could be an understanding of the commodity in the service of the human."
-- Prof. Stuart Ewen

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We are not affiliated with the FOX network or the COPS TV show, in fact, they won't even talk to us.
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