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EDWARD IVARI, a renowned hair care specialist, has been studying the causes of hair loss for over 26 years. As a researcher, he has dedicated himself to finding personalized solutions to all hair concerns. His most popular procedure is the Microcylinder intervention.

The patented MICROCYLINDER INTERVENTION is the ultimate answer to having beautiful hair. Microcylinders completely eliminate any need for a surgical procedure. Micron-sized "Microcylinders" are carefully situated on the areas that need to be recreated. Through these cylinders, additional strands of 100% natural hair, which are selected especially for you, are added until the desired effect has been achieved. This extraordinary procedure has proven successful regardless of the lack of volume or degree of hair loss.

This intervention on the frontal and parietal regions can be performed in a single session lasting about 10 hours.


The technologically-advanced Microcylinder Intervention offers immediate results with 100% natural hair. If a more gradual approach is preferred, progressive sessions can be scheduled for you.

The placing of the Microcylinders

This meticulous procedure is undertaken according to the needs of each client. Thinning hair can be thickened, short hair may be lengthened, and balding areas can be recovered. Through the use of Microcylinders additional hair is added to your own hair, recreating the natural look of your hair to its original and full-bodied shape. To fullfill your desires, we provide you in advance a choice of color, thickness, texture, and length.

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