Composite Bicycle

Dimitris Katsanis has now completed his BEng degree studies at the University of Plymouth, and continues with his work in the design and construction of highly sought-after composite bicycle frames for sprint racing.

Dimitris' first bicycle was constructed as part of his Engineering Foundation project at Plymouth in 1993. Since then, his carbon fibre frames have featured in two World Championships, plus the Cycling World Cup, ridden by top international athletes from Greece, Italy, Estonia and elsewhere. A remarkable total of 17 bicycles were used by sprint athletes at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.

Technical papers describing the development of these bicycles have appeared in several conferences. Visit ACMC's publication list for more details.

Metron Advanced Equipment is a new company set up by Dimitris to continue development and manufacture of the composite frames. Currently, the company is developing novel RTM techniques to improve production rates.

They may be contacted at:
Unit 1 Riverside Business Park
Plymouth PL3 4BB, UK
Phone/fax +44 1752 607844