June 05, 2000


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1 or 2-Player
Special Features:
Accurate Shot Placement; Level Branching; Arcade, Boss, Original, & Training Modes; 5 Difficulties; Game Gun, VMU, & Jump Pack Compatible
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Andy, The Game Hombre
Concept: 8
Graphics: 9
Sound: 8.5
Playability: 8
Entertainment: 6.5
"I'm not a big fan of gun games, but I've played quite a few in my time and I can tell you that, without a doubt, House of the Dead 2 leads the pack. The story, with all its hokey dialog, is great and works as a good break from all the zombie-killing action. HOTD2's graphics fly off the screen with some of the most gruesome images you'll ever see, from half-blasted skulls to unthinkable monsters of death. The gore in HOTD2 is only matched by its outstanding challenge that will put your sharpshooting skills to the test. But ultimately, HOTD2 is just a gun game, and for that it should be a rental for most. A good two-day, invite-your-friends-over rental, but a rental nonetheless. Of course, hardened gun game fanatics will want this one for their collection."

Paul, The Game Professor
Concept: 8
Graphics: 9
Sound: 7
Playability: 8
Entertainment: 8.75
"I usually stay far away from gun games and only play them when I'm coerced. Faced with the alternative of 30 days in the cooler, you could say that I wasn't too excited to play this game. After checking out the Arcade mode one time, it seemed like the same old stuff. The graphics are completely gruesome and the character design is fantastic, but big deal, right? Wrong. After playing it some more, I came to the realization that this game has multiple paths - way cool. This really makes the replay of the game stand out. You can spend plenty of time trying to get all the paths. Add this to a fun Training mode and this turns out to be a solid and entertaining game - and this from one who normally hates games of this genre."

Reiner, The Raging Gamer
Concept: 7.5
Graphics: 9.25
Sound: 7
Playability: 7.5
Entertainment: 8.5
"Translations don't get more arcade perfect than this. Other than a slight variation in resolution, House of the Dead 2 looks just as nice on the Dreamcast as it does on the Naomi Board. Most gun games are extremely short and not terribly difficult. This is not so with House of the Dead 2. This shooter is tough, and cannot be beaten until every level and enemy location have been memorized. Accurate shot placement makes this chore very entertaining, plus the over-exaggerated drama and overabundance of gore makes this game quite amusing as well. It's never scary or suspenseful, just bloody as all heck. Even without the lightgun accessory, House of the Dead 2 is a fun game to play. If the funds are available, the gun does add to the experience."

The House of the Dead 2

October 28, 1999

The story in House of the Dead 2 takes place just two years after the resolution of the first game. Dr. Curian's sinister plans were demolished by Agent "G," but the Dr.'s legacy still lives on through his excellent student, Goldman. Just like the late Doctor, Goldman is a sociopath, and he has succeeded in resurrecting an army of faithful zombies that he will use to bring mankind to its knees. As with most mad scientists, Goldman's Achilles' heel is his big mouth. Instead of staying quiet and surprising the world with an unexpected undead invasion, Goldman has come clean, announcing his plans well in advance of his actions.

Since Agent "G" already has one success to his credit, the government has once again asked him to bust a cap into this national threat. This time around, Agent "G" is striking a well-prepared enemy, and so he has dragged two upbeat rookies, James and Gary, along for the ride. Players assume the role of these new recruits, who before long become the main players in this important mission. Since the Dreamcast is designed to handle flawless translations of Naomi Board games, House of the Dead 2 looks just like it does in the arcade. For a game that is so evil and so violent, House of the Dead is actually a pretty game. All of the environments are texture-heavy and loaded with the smallest of details. Even the enemies, while grotesque, look astounding and very lifelike. But never once will you think twice about sending a bullet through the brain of an axe-wielding zombie or bloodthirsty slug.

Accurate shot placement plays a large role in this shooter, and as you face each new enemy, you'll have to find the sweet spot that will drop it to its knees. As you progress cautiously through the levels, you'll encounter several alternate routes, some easier than others, that lead to different sectors. Most shooters are easy to beat. House of the Dead 2 is quite the opposite, forcing you to memorize levels and enemy locations. The Dreamcast version comes equipped with several new modes not available in the arcade offering. Learn the best strategies for the head honchos in Boss mode, or play a slightly different quest where new weapons can be acquired in Original mode.

House of the Dead 2 is compatible with lightgun accessories, but works equally well with the default controller. You can run and you can hide, but there's no way you can outrun this finely polished Dreamcast title. It's a good investment.

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