The Rottweilers of Abby's World:      The three clowns.

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Do you think of Rottweilers as the vicious dogs depicted in the movies? Do you recall reading about them in the newspapers or seeing them on TV when they attack someone? These are false impressions created by a media that thirsts for sensationalism, and does not accurately show what the vast majority of these dogs are really like. Rottweilers are devoted, loving and intelligent canines who enjoy working and pleasing their owners. Rottweilers are naturally protective, they will always stand between their owners and anyone else. Rottweilers are very powerful. My favorite story is from a woman in Colorado who told about her two Rottweilers pulling a car out of a snowbank. Our Three Bears are not show dogs, but they are three big clowns who continuously entertain us. The kids in the neighborhood love them and seem to agree. When Moe was younger, she used to get out of the house without her leash for a run through the yards. While I chased her I could hear children cheering her on from their windows. Our Three Bears have found their last home and need not worry any more.

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A new Rottie game: chasing soap bubbles.

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What can I say, they just like to sit in the lawn chairs.

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One picture can say more than a thousand words.

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