The Rottweilers of Abby's World, This family is our pride and joy.

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Well, this is our Rottweiler family. Moe is almost all grown up and she has begun to loose the puppy face. Fact is, she looks pretty snooty in the picture below. That must come from being spoiled Rotten. I hope she never looses the "Flying Nun" ears, though. She cracks me up whenever I ask her a question and those ears go up and she cocks her head to one side. Moe is something of a show-off, too. Every day she goes out and picks up the newspaper and carries it into the house. You can see her going to work on her Papergirl page. Before Moe picks up the newspaper, she always waits to see if someone is watching her, then with her head held high she goes to work. Felony is a very respectable Lady Rott. For an old lady she still moves with the grace of a ballerina. Felony decided to adopt me soon after she arrived and I never expected it. I guess she needed someone to love, and I was just available. Moe still sleeps by my pillow every night and Felony has the bottom corner of the bed. Nikko Bear is the family clown and has always been momma's boy since the day my wife brought them home. He never leaves her side and seems to sense that she needs his protection.

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Got Chips, Momma?



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Notice the stool. Now Nikko has his own place to park his big butt, instead of on our laps.

As you can see, the stool didn't work out. It sits in the corner now unused and Bear still sits on Mom's lap. He even looks over his shoulder when he backs up. This is what Nikko likes to do best.

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Of course, The Bear will sit on anyone if Mom's lap is not available. Funny thing is Moe doesn't mind.



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Resting with the Rottweilers in their play room.

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Nikko Bear and Felony having a conversation in Mom's lap.


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