The Rottweilers of Abby's World:  The arrival of Nikko and Felony.

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As fate would have it, 7-months after we brought Mocha home, we learned that her parents, Nikko Bear and Felony, needed a new home. We didn't know there was an organized nation-wide rescue program for Rottweilers, but we loved these big brutes from the moment we first saw them and had to give them a place to live. My wife drove back to New York, 12-hours each way, and brought them back to Kentucky. Later, we learned that many people were involved in Rottweiler Rescue because these magnificent brutes are so loving and caring. Click on the "Bumper Sticker" below to find out more about rescue work from The Rott Bros. Farms.

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My wife, Jacqueline, took this photo at 4 a.m. when she discovered the Three Bears sleeping on the couch. The two older Rotts had not yet found that sleeping on our beds was more comfortable.

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This is a photo of Butch working his charm on Nikko Bear soon after he arrived. Nikko and Felony had seen cats before and didn't care for them but it didn't take long before Butch's tenacity overcame their bias. Today, Nikko sleeps on my wife's bed along with our two remaining felines. 


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September 1997, Mocha had her second birthday and, of course, she had a birthday party. Her birthday cake was a meatloaf with two candles on it. Nikko Bear was eight years old in December of 1999 that's his party picture on the right. Felony, the mamma Rott, was a very spry nine years old in February of 1999, although she now suffers from a leaky mush bucket and needs constant affection. She still maintains control of her family and reminds me of a strict old Victorian Lady. We have begun to refer to her as Mother Superior. Mocha seems destined to become the new leader of the pack someday, but her mamma knows that she is not quite old enough or mature. Moe still has too much puppy in her. One of Moe's nicknames is Leaping Lippy Luna and that describes it all.

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Another Birthday Party for Moe. 4-years old September, 1999.

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