The Rottweilers of Abby's World: Meet the papergirl

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For the past two years, Moe has enjoyed bringing in the newspaper after it gets delivered. My wife Jackie, taught her how to carry and Moe considers this to be her job. Mocha understands the words "Papergirl" and "Work" when we tell her "It's time for the Papergirl to go to work.", and she does every day, even on Sunday when the newspaper is much heavier. On occassion we will take a walk to the corner and buy a different newspaper and after I slip it into a plastic bag, Moe will proudly carry it home. Moe has become quite a showoff whenever she goes out to get the paper. She will run down to the paper and jump on it and then stand over it and wait until she sees someone coming down the street so they can see her pick it up and carry it. She knows this makes me proud of her.

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Enough with the pictures, already. This Sunday paper is heavy.

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