Born, August 08, 1918, in Union County, North Carolina, USA,
Atha Lee Broome Eury

Gateways Through GOD

Dear Lord;
As Thy Morning light lights the sky
Kisses Thy darkness a fond goodbye
Help me, Dear Lord, To use This day
in Thy Loving Unselfish Way.

May my life shine as the sun
May its radiance reach someone
Who has not seen Thy Light of Love
Is not aware all is from above.

May my eyes Thy Love-light shine
May an eager child in them find
A desire to see Thy Light that guides
Their youthful mind over life's tides.

May my feet quietly, softly tread
Where unhappy souls have fled
To find escape from their cares
May I guide them with my prayers

May my hands be helping hands
Helping fulfill Thy perfect plan,
May they reach some soul in distress
And help them know Thy way is best.

Should I, with Thy help today,
Control the things I do and say.
Should one desire be fulfilled
Help me to know it was Thy will,

It was the work of You through me,
That helped an eager child to see,
The unhappy soul, the one depressed,
The wandering one, Thy Way Is Best.

- Atha Lee Broome Eury -
April 24, 1965   11:A.M.

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