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-29,475 A.D


By the year 29,475 A.D.,humanity has colonized many of the worlds of the Milky Way, both to get much needed resources and to allow the growing race to earn a livelihood. Rubi-Ka is a tiny planet on the furthest frontiers of the galaxy. The planet is a red and barren desert world, plagued by sandstorms and heavy winds.

What makes this planet special is the presence of the substance Notum, used for powering the ever-present nanotechnology. A Galaxy-wide corporation, Omni-Tek® launched a terraforming effort onto Rubi-Ka several thousand years ago. Even today only a small portion of the planet is inhabited by humans. At present, Omni-Tek® controls the planet and the extraction of Notum from the confines of the one major city and capital of Rubi-Ka ; Omni-1.

The area of the planet that is populated is divided into 5 areas:

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