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July 2000

Sick & Twisted Movie Sequels and Taglines
Schindler's List 2, Saving Private Gump, Three Stooges Meet Rodney King... you know, the usual Hollywood crap.

Those three little words Mr. Kendall hates to say: "Made in China".

New Crank Call in Real Audio!
Is it considered malpractice when a urologist breaks a glass tube in your penis?

Failed Product Promotions
The Oreo Cookie "Got Vaseline?" Manufacturer's Refund, the Cracker Jack "Gillette Razorblade Giveaway" and more...

The Microsoft Case

10 Ways To Rationalize Your Lust to Destroy Microsoft
Destruction for the good of society? Don't worry, we'll help you convince yourself of that...

The Top 10 Things to Do to Anyone Who's Happy About the Breakup of Microsoft
The most fun a vigilante can have with his clothes on.

News Satire

Subhead - July 2000
Elian, Clinton, the EPA... Real news headlines of the past month made honest with our subheadlines.

The News - July 2000
News satire: Heterosexual Pride Week begins, Cheerios Breakfast Welfare Program announced, and more...


Is your charity having difficulty raising money? Retards to the rescue!

Ways to Increase Productivity Around the Office
A how-to guide for all you budding middle managers.

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"I'm guessing you have never been to Japan, or southeast Asia for that matter..."

Gore or Bush?
New Open Question added! Who would screw over America more?

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40 Ways to Fuck with a Bad Waiter
You've gotten bad service. Now someone's gonna pay.

13 Ways to Make a Bible Useful
Wondering what to do with that old Book?

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