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The Lycos 50
These were the 50 most popular Lycos user searches for the week ending April 1, 2000. For more on how we create this list, see our FAQ.

What do the numbers and arrows mean?

1   Pokemon
Steady at the top1|33
2   Dragonball
Top cartoon 2|33
3   Britney Spears
Pop music princess 3|33
4   'N Sync
New album a smash 4|33
5   The WWF
Pro wrasslin' league 5|33
6   The Oscars
'Beauty' wins big 15|2
7   Tattoos
Springtime hottie 6|33
8   The IRS
April 15 nears 7|18
9   Pam Anderson
Longtime web pinup 8|33
10   Jennifer Lopez
Dress buzz still alive 9|33
11   Taxes
Creeping closer 13|6
12   Spring Break
May have peaked 11|3
13   Las Vegas
Never sleeps 10|33
14   Marijuana
A slight downer 12|13
15   Gundam Wing
Hot new cartoon 17|4
16   Baseball
Season underway 33|8
17   April Fool's Day
Hot holiday x|1
18   Prom Dresses
About that time 16|12
19   Nascar
Auto racing league 20|10
20   Backstreet Boys
Fading away? 18|33
21   Easter
Coming April 23 19|2
22   Final Fantasy
Video game series 21|31
23   Korn
Alterna-band 22|32
24   DMX
In 'Romeo Must Die' 23|9
25   The Bible
Timeless text 28|30
26   The Simpsons
Classic cartoon 25|13
27   Skateboarding
On a roll 38|3
28   Sisqo
"Thong Song" guy 26|4
29   Sailor Moon
Cartoon princess 30|16
30   Napster
Trendy music player 27|5
31   Blink 182
Scatological band 24|7
32   South Park
Crude 'toon 32|33
33   William Shakespeare
Famous playwright 31|13
34   The Death Penalty
Suddenly a hot topic 43|3
35   The Census
Decennial tally 41|4
36   Carmen Electra
Ex-'Baywatch' star 42|8
37   Tupac Shakur
Late rap star 37|12
38   Mariah Carey
Pop songstress 35|28
39   Rap Lyrics
As heard on MTV 47|2
40   Golf
Summer sport 34|2
41   Christina Aguilera
Britney wannabe 36|14
42   Anna Kournikova
Teen tennis star 49|6
43   Volcanoes
Mount Usu blows x|1
44   March Madness
Suddenly sane 14|3
45   Metallica
Long-lived rock band 40|19
46   Star Wars
Only 800 days to Part 2 x|1
47   Jennifer Love Hewitt
In Hepburn biopic x|1
48   Titanic
Goes on and on... x|1
49   The Sims
Sequel to 'Sim City' x|1
50   Angelina Jolie
Oscar winner x|1

 with Fritz Holznagel
The Lycos 50 Daily Report
 The things you're searching for.April 10, 2000 

How the Amish Rate

The Internet embodies everything the Amish find distasteful: electricity, frivolity, the breakdown of local community, instant Penn State football scores.

So how does the Internet view the Amish? We scanned last week's top 100,000 user queries for references to the peaceful religious sect. The results are below, with each topic's percentage share of the total.

42% Amish
13% Amish furniture
10% Amish people
9% Amish quilts
7% Amish culture
6% Mennonites
6% Amish friendship bread
4% Luddite
3% Pennsylvania Dutch

The Amish, it turns out, are a fairly hot topic online. For comparison, the word Amish got the same number of searches as American Bar Association, used computers, or Marie Curie. And amazingly, the Amish had more searches than many other religions, including the Methodists, Episcopalians, Lutherans, and Christian Scientists. (Of course, since when do the Methodists make great quilts?)

On the other hand, the top 100,000 searches didn't include horse and buggy or butter churns. A few hundred people a week search for barn plans, which seems like a cheerfully pro-Amish sign. However, that's only a fraction of the number who search for Pottery Barn. (Score one for civilization.)

And in case you're wondering: Witness didn't make our top 100,000 list either. The film's two stars did: queries for Harrison Ford would have put him at about 26% on the Amish list above, while Kelly McGillis would have ranked about 8%.

Now, who would have guessed Harrison Ford would get 40% fewer searches than the Amish?

Note: all search spellings and variations are included in each item's total; for instance, the Amish quilts entry includes searches for both Amish quilt and Amish quilts. This list reflects actual terms entered into our search engine by Lycos users during the week ending April 2nd; it does not imply endorsement by Lycos of any belief or lifestyle. Please do not base your own religious experience on this list.

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  • I agree that fans would have their... - Br1xton


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    Lycos 50 Bonus List:
    Top Country Stars

    Last week's 10 most requested country artists:

    1. Shania Twain
    2. Faith Hill
    3. Dixie Chicks
    4. Garth Brooks
    5. George Strait
    6. Tim McGraw
    7. Lonestar
    8. Dolly Parton
    9. LeAnn Rimes
    10. Vince Gill

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