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The Lycos 50
These were the 50 most popular Lycos user searches for the week ending August 5, 2000. For more on how we create this list, see our FAQ.

What do the numbers and arrows mean?

1   Britney Spears
First time at #13|51
2   Napster
Web music player 1|23
3   Dragonball
Japanimation hit 5|51
4   Pokemon
Former champ 4|51
5   Big Brother
'Reality' show 2|5
6   Pitt-Aniston Wedding
Celebrity nuptials x|1
7   Survivor
#2 TV show 6|9
8   Tattoos
No sign of fading 13|51
9   'N Sync
Top boy band 12|51
10   Diablo II
Dungeon game 11|10
11   WWF
Pro wrasslers 10|51
12   Football
Preseason hype 23|3
13   Pamela Anderson
Actress / pinup 14|51
14   Las Vegas
Money town 16|51
15   X-Men
Movie + comic 9|15
16   Anna Kournikova
Teen tennis whiz 18|10
17   Harry Potter
Wizard of lit 17|6
18   Sailor Moon
Cartoon princess 20|34
19   Eminem
Nasty rapper 15|15
20   The Olympics
Coming soon 19|3
21   Final Fantasy
Video game 21|49
22   Gundam Wing
Anime hit 22|22
23   Gnutella
Next Napster? 7|2
24   Darva Conger
Farcical fiancee 24|8
25   Baseball
Still swinging 25|26
26   The Bible
Ancient text 26|48
27   Christina Aguilera
Un-ancient star 43|32
28   Nascar
Auto racers 31|28
29   The NFL
Football pros 41|2
30   Firestone Tires
Federal probe x|1
31   Coyote Ugly
Summer movie x|1
32   The Concorde
Paris crash 8|2
33   Marijuana
Famous weed 30|31
34   Golf
Summer sport 28|20
35   Jennifer Lopez
Singing actress 32|51
36   Carmen Electra
'Scary Movie' star 27|10
37   Scooters
Latest craze 35|2
38   Skateboarding
Gnarly hottie 34|21
39   GOP Convention
Bush nominated x|1
40   Tenchi Muyo
Japanese 'toon 33|5
41   Backstreet Boys
#2 boy band 38|51
42   The Sims
Video game x|1
43   South Park
Crude 'toon 39|51
44   Metallica
Suing Napster 37|37
45   Scholarships
School year nears 46|5
46   The Simpsons
Bart & buddies 42|31
47   Alyssa Milano
'Charmed' star 40|10
48   Barbie
Famous doll x|1
49   Martha Stewart
America's hostess 45|3
50   Justin Timberlake
'N Sync star x|1

 with Fritz Holznagel
The Lycos 50 Daily Report
 The things you're searching for.August 11, 2000 

You Had to Have Faith

For one week at least, Faith Hill has bested Shania Twain to become the web's most-searched country music star.

Last week Hill got more Lycos user searches than any other country artist or band. Twain has held that proud position since last August, when we began keeping tabs on such things. Twain spent 30 weeks in the Lycos 50, usually ranked around #30-35, but since this spring she seems to be doing a slow fade. (Overexposure, perhaps?)

Meanwhile Hill is touring with her hubba-hubba hubby Tim McGraw in something called the Soul 2 Soul tour. McGraw, a star in his own right, passed Garth Brooks to become the week's most-searched male country star.

Hill also just received a ranchful of nominations for this year's Country Music Awards, which has presumably upped her profile with Web users. (And her looks don't hurt her any more than McGraw's hurt him.)

Here, for the record, was last week's country music top 10:

1.���Faith Hill
2.���Shania Twain
3.���Dixie Chicks
4.���LeAnn Rimes
5.���Tim McGraw
6.���Garth Brooks
7.���Dolly Parton
8.���George Strait
10.��Martina McBride

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