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Part of a Worldwide Movement to Cancel the Crushing Debt of Impoverished Countries Before the New Millennium


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What Is the Meaning of the Vote for Debt Relief in the U.S. House of Representatives?

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David Duncombe's ‘Farewell Address’ July 30, 2000

David Duncombe's 40th Day Update July 20,2000

No Progress on Debt Relief at G8 Summit in Okinawa
Jubilee 2000/USA "Outraged and Dismayed"

Citing Congress' Failure to Act, Retired Minister Begins Another Fast in Support of Debt Cancellation

An Update on my Ministry of Prayer and Fasting for Jubilee 2000

Jubilee 2000/USA Supporters Put Pressure on Japan in Run up to July 21-23 Summit

Bicyclists on their Way to G8 Summit in Okinawa, Japan

Eighty-one Members of Congress Call for Full Funding for Debt Relief Measures

Twelve Members of Congress Express Concern about Effects of Debt Relief Conditions on Mozambique

Jubilee 2000 Nigeria Campaign Calls for Debt Cancellation

National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials Calls for Debt Cancellation for African Countries

Haitian President Rene Preval Calls for Cancellation of Haiti's Debts!

Sojourners Magazine Features Jubilee 2000 Campaign!

Vatican Urges Action, Not Talk, on Debt

Jubilee 2000 Zambia Calls for Total Debt Cancellation

US Groups Back Participation of Bolivian Civic Organizations

Debt and HIV/AIDS in Africa

Tanzania: Time Magazine Covers IMF Lending Policies

Ecuadorean Groups Sponsor "Way of the Cross" to call for Debt Cancellation

US Congressional Commission Calls for Total Debt Cancellation


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Welcome to the Jubilee 2000/USA web site. In countries with crushing debt, people lose out on health care, education and a chance to earn a living wage. Join them in a global campaign for a new beginning. Working together we can advocate for a practical solution to the debt crisis. On this web site you will find: 

About the Jubilee 2000/USA Campaign gives information about the background of the campaign and its supporters

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Updates and Media Alerts contains our press releases plus our Newsletter

The Event Calendar will inform you about national and local upcoming events

Take Action contains Action Alerts and other tools for organizing

Order Materials lists resources and materials available from Jubilee 2000/USA as well as other sources and contains the Material Order Form

National and International Links helps you to connect to the sites of  our member organizations, partners and other sites of interest, such as policymakers.

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