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Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
Windows 2000 Professional Product Guide Making the Business Case for Windows 2000 Professional
Why does Microsoft say Windows 2000 Professional is the "desktop operating system for the Business Internet?" Because Windows 2000 Professional is Internet-enabled, reliable, simple to use, and ideal for laptops. Here's how these characteristics can help your business...
New Report: "Mobile Users in Love With Windows 2000" Offsite Link
Read the write-up in The Register about a report published by The Sosinsky Group on laptop users' reactions to Windows 2000 Professional. Among the findings: 82 percent of surveyed professionals who use Windows 2000 Professional as their primary operating system rate it as a "very good" laptop OS.
The Essential Upgrade Check List
Obviously, we're eager for you to upgrade to Windows 2000 Professional. Here's the key information you need before you get started.
Credit Suisse Case Study
In the competitive world of global finance, reliable, timely, and accurate information flow to the trading floor is critical. To ensure constant information availability, Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB) needed a global-standard desktop-productivity platform and a secure methodology to routinely upgrade and revise its portfolio of applications across its worldwide offices. This case study describes the Rapid Economic Jusitification analysis that helped CSFB weigh the benefits of moving to Windows 2000.
Have You Seen the Reviews? We Have, and We're Blushing...
PCWorld declares Windows 2000 Pro the "best OS of the year." Windows 2000 Magazine says it's a "must for mobile computing." Here's what these and other publications are saying about Windows 2000.
In other news...
Complete Windows 2000 news and reviews.

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