SALLY DUROS - Communication Consultant
Chicago, IL.

Communication strategy and management, as well as editing, writing and research. Clients include the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, CRSP, and filmmaker Harold Ramis.

Recent projects include consulting assistance on strategic communications, marketing and business development for Internet startup NetGov.com, and e-philanthropy founder, iGive.com, as well as proposal writing and development for Genesis House, a shelter for women.


A skilled, accountable communicator, Ms. Duros can tailor messages to a range of audiences - businesses, civic groups, foundations and public. During her 21-year career, Ms. Duros has been a business journalist, an aide to Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley and an urban affairs consultant. In these positions, she has been key to the launch of several products and programs. These startups include Crain's City & State, a biweekly publication on the business of government; Mayor Daley's School Partner's Program, through which Chicago businesses bring resources to public schools of their choice; the Children First Fund, a foundation for the Chicago Public Schools; and the public affairs functions for the American Economic Development Council.


As a consultant and project manager in urban affairs, Ms. Duros has facilitated initiatives for the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce that included producing materials for businesses involved in Chicago's school-to-work system. She has written federal grant proposals, as well as worked with foundations and civic leaders to bring resources to pressing public policy initiatives. In 1999, she was media relations director for a highly publicized aldermanic campaign on Chicago's north side. This year, she provided community relations and business development services to NetGov.com and iGive.com.

Ms. Duros has directed several Citywide marketing campaigns for public agencies, including the 1996 Chicago Public School Local School Council elections and back-to-school efforts. Versed in cause-related marketing, Ms. Duros has identified corporate sponsors and grants for the Chicago Public Schools that include a highly publicized $100,000 grant from AT&T;, and a 10,000 scoop ice cream donation from Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.

Corporate social investment is one way that businesses can give back to the communities in which they operate. SDuros Communications can help your business determine the how much, where and why of giving to community, civic and nonprofit causes.

Among her current philanthropic clients is filmmaker Harold Ramis, who is working with a Chicago Public School.

Civic activism takes a deeper commitment than charity. It involves working with other business leaders to create an adaptable and prosperous economy, thriving cultural institutions and a clean and safe natural environment. Sally Duros has assisted the civic work of some of Chicago's most active business citizens. As an aide to Mayor Daley, Ms. Duros oversaw Chicago's "reinventing" government public/private partnership, which was chaired by AON CEO Chairman and President Patrick Ryan.

As a journalist, Ms. Duros' bylines include a 1998 interview with Ray Bradbury published in Chicago Magazine and a widely reprinted article on lawyer lobbyists published in the American Bar Association's Student Lawyer Magazine.

Ms. Duros was among the founding editors of Crain's City & State, a watershed publication reporting on shifts in federalism, state and local government and innovation in City Halls nationwide. City & State lives on as a special report feature of Governing Magazine published by Congressional Quarterly.

Ms. Duros has a Master of Science in Communication from Northwestern University and a BA in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Ms. Duros is an active member of the Association for Multimedia Communications, Chicago Women in Technology (ChicWIT), Chicago Women in Philanthropy, Independent Writers of Chicago, International Webmasters Association, and Fast Co. Chicago Company of Friends.

She recently donated time to the Society of Professional Journalists' Chicago Gridiron Show as assistant producer, and to the United Way of Chicago as a communication judge. She currently donates time and assistance to Genesis House, an agency in Chicago that offers hope and recovery to prostituted women.