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Focus on Kosovo

Readers' Views

"Of course, something has to be done to rebuild Kosovo and Serbia. But by private investors, not by government institutions." -- Oleg S.

"I think rebuilding is going to be hard with all the bad feelings between the two groups, but I think in time, NATO will be able to make some progress a least toward getting living conditions acceptable for winter. Still, I think it will be a very hard winter for everyone over there." -- Andrea Ostensoe

"In about a year, Kosovo will have a modern, western European/US-style infrastructure from roads to telecommunications to water to electric." -- Hezekiah Blackhorse

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News Highlights:

  • Gallery: The conflict in review
  • Video: News reports on Kosovo
  • News story archive

    Yugoslavia's Future:

  • What's next for Yugoslavia
  • Map: Who controls what
  • Peace Settlement:

  • A guide to the peace plan
  • Map: Serb troop withdrawal
  • The U.N. resolution on Kosovo
  • Military Campaign:

  • Strike damage assessment
  • Atlas: NATO and the Balkans
  • Arsenal databank
  • E-mail from Kosovar teen
  • Yugoslavs flock to the Web
  • The strike day by day
  • World reaction to the strikes
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  • The Refugees:

  • Map: Refugee Exodus
  • Enduring added trauma of rape
  • Young refugees heal through art
  • Background:

  • Timeline: Trouble in the Balkans
  • Who is Slobodan Milosevic?
  • A who's who of key players
  • Map: Kosovo and its neighbors
  • Roots of the conflict
  • A history of the KLA
  • Kosovo Primer from
  • Documents and Transcripts:

  • Kosovo military agreement
  • U.N. resolution draft on Kosovo
  • The Balkans Paper Trail
  • Related Resources:

  • In-depth: NATO at 50
  • Additional Web sites
  • From

  • The Kosovo File
  • Kosovo at the Crossroads
  • Watch CNN for coverage of the situation in Kosovo
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