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Ray Dream Studio
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Ray Dream Studio 5.5

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Ray Dream Studio 5.5 is the essential 3D graphics application, providing a comprehensive set of professional tools for 3D design and animation.

This exciting new release includes Ray Dream Studio 5.0.2, plus additional content and plug-in features. Version 5.5 includes spline, polygonal, text and metaball modelers, with such editing capabilities as boolean operations and deformations like spikes and twists. Users can apply texture maps or movies to their models, and even paint directly onto an object. Rendering options include everything from wireframe to ray tracing, with optional hand-sketched or cartoon styles. Finally, Ray Dream's animation has full key-framing capabilities, an advanced physics system and realistic motion blurs for smooth animations. Users can even drag-and-drop predefined behaviors like bouncing and spinning directly onto an object.

Ray Dream Studio's best-of-class feature set, compatibility, value, ease-of-use, and performance make it the clear choice for every graphic artist, web designer, and multimedia producer.

To see Ray Dream Studio in action visit Martin Murphy's 'The Queen' tutorial.

New Features

Includes all the power of Ray Dream 5.0.2, plus these additional new features:


  • Complete Training Course CD
  • 200 Royalty-Free DXF models


  • Metaballs Modeling
  • Positive & Negative Primitives


  • Animatable Metaballs

Special Effects

  • Fire
  • Skies
  • Motion Blur


  • Realistic Sunlight
  • Realistic Moonlight


  • Sunset Backgrounds
  • Terrain System
  • Realistic Water

Shaders, Textures and Mapping

  • Special Environment Shaders
  • Built-in Kai's Power Tools
    • KPT Texture Explorer
    • KPT Interform
    • KPT Gradient Designer
    • KPT MetaToys
    • KPT Gaussian f/x
    • KPT Intensity f/x
    • KPT Noise f/x
    • KPT Pixel f/x
    • KPT Smudge f/x
    • KPT Edge f/x

Rendering and Output

  • Improved 5.5 Adaptive Renderer
  • Improved 5.5 Raytrace Renderer

3D File Import

  • 3DS *
  • OBJ

3D File Export

  • OBJ
  • MTS (Metastream) *
  • 3DS

 *Feature is supported on Windows platform only 

System Requirements

  • Pentium or Pentium Pro or better
  • Windows 95, 98 or Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 3 or later
  • 32 MB System RAM
  • Color Display (24-bit recommended)
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • 65 MB Free Hard Drive Space

  • All Power Macintosh and compatible models
  • System 7.6 or later
  • 32 MB of application RAM
  • Color Display (24-bit recommended)
  • CD-ROM drive
  • 65 MB Free Hard Drive Space

Features and Benefits
Advanced Modeling Functionality

Ray Dream's range of modeling options such as spline, polygonal, text and more, provides newfound freedom and creativity for your 3D design. With 200 royalty-free DXF models included, you start producing high-quality 3D graphics immediately.

Multiple Shading Functions

More options for shading models means more realism for those models. With all of these methods at your disposal-- decals, texture maps, filters and direct object painting-- you have a single-solution 3D texturing tool.

New Special Effects

Special effects such as realistic depth-of-field, visible lights and lens flares, along with newcomers like fire, skies and motion blur, mean you can produce high-end, Hollywood-style output right from your desktop.

Realistic Animation

3D objects will seem more realistic in motion with assigned gravity or velocity, thanks to Ray Dream's advanced physics system. And it's easy, too. Simply drag-and-drop animation properties onto your models and bring them to life.

Variable Output

Render with just the quality you want, from wireframe to raytraced, with optimized rendering for blazing speed and stunning quality. You can even render in hand-sketched or cartoon styles. Complete batch queuing gives you the ability to pause renderings and view render statistics. You may save your files at any size and resolution in most popular graphics and web formats. And Ray Dream Studio 5.5 even has field rendering and title and action safe areas for professional video output.


Ray Dream Studio has an open architecture, and new plug-ins are constantly being developed to enhance its capabilities even more. To find out more about these plug-ins, visit our Developers Gallery.

Import and Export

3D Files


  • DXF
  • EAS
  • 3DMF
  • 3DS NEW *


  • DXF
  • MTS (Metastream) NEW *
  • VDU
  • VRML 1 and 2
  • 3DMF
  • 3DS NEW *

2D Files


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • AVI (Win)
  • BMP (Win)
  • Corel Draw (Win)
  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • PCX (Win)
  • PICT (Mac)
  • PostScript Type 1 Fonts (Mac)
  • QuickTime (Mac)
  • RIFF
  • TIFF
  • TGA (Win)
  • TrueType Fonts
  • WMF (Win)


  • Adobe Phhop
  • AVI (Win)
  • BMP (Win)
  • Corel Photo Paint (Win)
  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • PICT (Mac)
  • PCX (Win)
  • QuickTime (Mac)
  • RealSpace IVRM Panoramas
  • RIFF
  • Sequenced Image Output (for all 2D file types)
  • TGA (Win)
  • TIFF
Compression Methods
  • All QuickTime Plug-In Compression
  • Animation (Mac)
  • Cinepak
  • Component Video (Mac)
  • Full Frames (Uncompressed)
  • Graphics (Mac)
  • Intel Indeo Video Raw
  • Intel Indeo Video R3.2
  • Microsoft Video 1
  • Photo JPEG (Mac)
  • Video (Mac)

  *Feature is supported on Windows platform only 


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