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Self Release 4.0

The Self Group at Sun Microsystems Laboratories, Inc., and Stanford University has made available Release 4.0 of the experimental object-oriented programming language Self.

This release of Self 4.0 provides simple installation, and starts up with an interactive, animated tutorial (a small piece of which is shown below).

Self 4.0 is, in some sense, the culmination of the Self project, which no longer officially exists at Sun. It allows novices to start by running applications, smoothly progress to building user interfaces by directly manipulating buttons, frames and the like, progress further to altering scripts, and finally to ascend to the heights of complete collaborative application developement, all without ever stumbling over high cognitive hurdles.

Its user interface framework features automatic continuous layout, support for ubiquitous animation, direct-manipulation-based construction, the ability to dissect any widget you can see, and large, shared, two-dimensional spaces.

Its programming environment is based on an outliner metaphor, and features rapid turnaround of programming changes. It includes a plethora of tools for searching the system. Its debugger supports in-place editing. A structure editor supports some static type checking and helps visualize complex expressions. Finally, the programming environment features the new transporter, which eases the task of saving programs as source files.

Self 4.0 includes two applications: an experimental WEB browser, and an experimental Smalltalk system.

The Self system is the result of a research project and therefore is an experimental system. We believe, however, that the system is stable enough to be used by a larger community, giving people outside of the project a chance to explore Self.

This Release

Self currently runs on SPARC-based Sun workstations running SunOS 4.1.x, Solaris 2.3, or Solaris 2.4. Click below to find out more about Self 4.0 and/or get the release.

Having problems getting the big files? Try the multi-part distribution.


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