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NOAA manages one of the largest and most diverse collections of digital Earth Science data in the world. These data exist in many locations, on many different computer systems, and in many different formats. The DATASWAT team was formed at NGDC to bring wayward data under control! The team brings together a unique group of experts to create innovative solutions to the problems of scientific data management and use.  We provide software tools and techniques that simplify access to data and presentation of data and associated metadata across all major computing platforms and all major media.

Common problem themes arise from the work of the data manager who organizes and distributes data, the scientist who views and uses the data, and the diverse WWW users who seek information and collaboration.

We recognize the importance of associating metadata (documentation, articles, captions, definitions, etc.) and visualizations with the data. Our data presentations are description-driven, freeing the software programs from platform and format dependencies. The dynamic presentations reflect the diverse needs of our customers for organizing information in different ways.

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