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Tuesday, August 15, 2000

< .Soell on Gameplay. >
Halo News - PC/Mac | Posted By Reaper7 @ 0:41 PST

Matt Soell has been posting up a storm on the HBO Forum regarding certain gameplay issues that I believe most of us have thought about at some point. First up we have some bad news for many of you, it seems you will not be able to navigate the whole Halo. Here's the original post:
You're not gonna be able to run around the whole ring, mathematically-generated or not. Too many ways that could go wrong, especially in net play.
All the environments in Halo will be human-generated, but we still need to figure out how players will get from place to place on the Halo.
You can check out the whole forum thread right here. Lastly, Matt answers a few questions about the dropship and jeep. Here is a clip:
3.About the human drop ship. How does one enter enter the cockpit? Can it entered from any direction or do you have to go through the passenger area? Also on the drop ship, the passenger area have an an armored area to protect soldiers from the rear? Are there side firing ports on the passenger area?

The real question you seem to be asking is how much control players are going to have over the drop ship or their actions within it. The answer, right now, is "not a lot." You probably won't have to fly it anywhere; there will almost always be vehicles better suited to the tasks you'll have as a player. Thought has been given to letting players control turrets on the ship, but that's not definite yet.
You can read the whole post by Matt right here. Well there you have it folks, I think those responses really illustrate to us that the Bungie team still has a lot of design issues to work out and Halo has a long journey to travel before completion.

Monday, August 14, 2000

< .Halo-to-CS POTD. >
Halo News - PC/Mac | Posted By Bounty @ 8:30 PST

Thanks to warsaw who pointed out that over at CS Nation they've put together a rather funny Picture of the Day combining Halo and Counter-Strike. The picture includes a caption, "Those HALO guys must be the CTs of the future". Click here to check it out.

< .Hot Topics. >
Site News | Posted By Bounty @ 6:19 PST

Are you bored from the current Halo news drought? Got nothing to do? Need a Halo fix? Well we've got a few of new and hot topics in our forum that could get you truly inspired.

Although these topics may have drifted slowly (or abruptly) off-topic, they are now back on track and are leading to some cool ideas, so head on over to the forum and talk it up! Also, on another note, the next edition of the BG:H Mailbag should be up within the next few days.

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