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Welcome to the Sleater-Kinney Media Empire Archives. This is the unofficial site dedicated to documenting the conquering of Western civilization by Corin, Carrie, and Janet.

We are so not interested in Sleater-Kinney at the moment, but as access has finally been gained to the FTP server, we are archiving this site for you, the viewer.
What does archive mean?
You may ask yourself this, and the answer is nothing.
It doesn't mean much of anything.
It means we will never update this site, or answer your emails.
It means that the BBS and anything CGI related that demanded our time and energy will be coming down. The news and tour dates are from 97-98 and will stay that way.
But, it means that we, out of the goodness of our hearts have left the extensive collection of Sleater-Kinney info and photos up for your viewing pleasure.
Love ya.

We think (rightly so) that we are cooler than any of the Sleater chicks. For proof, check out Lina's site, or Fran's site.

To find a more current SK site on the web, go search Google!

A girl band that *still* rocks are The Friggs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sleater-Kinney. Their answers, even.

A lil' bit about Tommy.

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