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Eat the State!
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Eat the State! is a shamelessly biased political journal. We want an end to poverty, exploitation, imperialism, militarism, racism, sexism, heterosexism, environmental destruction, television, and large ugly buildings, and we want it fucking now. We are not affiliated with any political group or party. We publish Eat the State! as a not-for-profit way of sharing information, resources, opinions, and hopefully inspiring ACTION in our community. Please help!

Eat the State! is published and distributed free each Wednesday in Western Washington. We welcome articles, letters, comments, tips, and feedback. All rights are cast to the wind unless noted otherwise by author or artist. We'd appreciate it if you credit us, and let us know, when you quote or reprint our stuff.

Subscriptions by mail to Eat the State! are $16 (26 weeks) or $29 (one year). Advertising is available via directory listings for community groups, display ads (businesses, groups, or events), or one-page inserts (groups or events); inquire for rates and conditions. In Seattle, EAT THE AIRWAVES!, with weekly political analysis, airs each Saturday, 8:30-9 AM on KCMU 90.3 FM.

Eat the State! depends on reader and volunteer support to survive. We have no paid staff and are supported solely by volunteer labor, donations, subscriptions, in-kind donations, and ads from progressive groups and businesses. No grants, no corporate hush money, no trust funds, no 1-900 lines. It's pretty simple: if you like what we do, send us money so we can do more!

Eat the State! is printed at Little Nickel on 40% post-consumer recycled newsprint, using soy-based ink.

Editors: Geov Parrish, Maria Tomchick. Layout: Lance Scott. Advertising Coordinator: Valerie Jean. Business Coordinator: Sean Knight. Production Coordinators: John Reese, Eddie Tews. E-Mail Subscriptions: Stefani Banerian. Web Coordinators: Tom Vaughan, Pete Sutherland. Distribution help: Michelle Jacobson, Michael Mossberg, Albert Kaufman, Valerie Jean, Stefani Banerian, Eddie Tews, Matt Levinthal, Lori Morgan. Dozens of others regularly help put ETS! out. Business meetings are the first Tuesday of each month; all are welcome. We meet each Tuesday evening (7 PM, University Baptist Church, 4554 12th Ave. NE) to insert, mail, distribute, gossip, strategize, and make a mess. Please join us!