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Agricultural Resources and Environmental Indicators

The Economic Research Service produces numerous indicators that summarize the status of natural resource use in agriculture and associated environmental quality. Every few years these indicators are integrated into a comprehensive report, Agricultural Resources and Environmental Indicators (AREI). Following publication of the comprehensive report, as new data and information are collected, ERS publishes AREI UPDATES to supplement and update information contained in AREI.

Agricultural Resources and Environmental Indicators (AREI) identifies trends in land, water, and commercial input use, reports on the condition of natural resources used in the agricultural sector, and describes and assesses public policies that affect conservation and environmental quality in agriculture. Combining data and information, AREI examines the complex connections among farming practices, conservation, and the environment, which are increasingly important components in U.S. agriculture and farm policy. The report examines the economic factors that affect resource use and, when data permit, estimates the costs and benefits (to farmers, consumers, and the government) of meeting conservation and environmental goals. The report takes stock of how natural resources (land and water) and commercial inputs (energy, nutrients, pesticides, and machinery) are used in the agricultural sector; shows how they contribute to environmental quality; and links use and quality to technological change, production practices, and farm programs.

AREI UPDATES (see listings below) is a periodic series that supplements and updates information in Agricultural Resources and Environmental Indicators. AREI UPDATES report recent data from surveys of farm operators. If you would like to be added to the AREI UPDATES hardcopy mailing list or have other questions about AREI UPDATES or AREI, contact Richard Magleby, 202-694-5615.


These publications are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You can download and get help using the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these documents. This format is used to preserve all of the content and layout used in our hardcopy publications.

Seed Use, Costs, and Trade. No. 97-8, December 1997

Nutrient Use and Practices on Major Field Crops. No. 97-7, December 1997

Wetlands Reserve Programs. No. 97-6, November 1997

Cropland Use in 1997. No. 97-5, August 1997

Organic Fruit Growers Survey, No. 97-4, June 1997

Major Land Use Changes in the Contiguous 48 States, No. 97-3, June 1997

Agricultural Cash Rents, No. 97-2, June 1997

Pest Management on Major Field Crops, No. 97-1, February 1997

Cropping Patterns of Major Field Crops and Associated Chemical Use, No. 18, December 1996

Agricultural and Conservation Practices in the Mississippi Embayment, No. 17, December 1996

Farm Fuel and Ethanol, No. 16, December 1996

Agricultural Land Values, No. 15, December 1996

Agricultural and Conservation Practices in the Southern High Plains, No. 14, November 1996

Foreign Ownership of U.S. Agricultural Land, No. 13, October 1996

Recreation and the Environment: Survey Results from Four Areas, No. 12, October 1996

Agricultural Real Estate Taxes, No. 11, October 1996

Seed Use, Costs, and Trade, No. 10, September 1996

Cropland Use in 1996, No. 9, September 1996

Irrigation Water Use, 1994, No. 8, August 1996

Manure Management by U.S. Pork Producers in 1992, No. 7, August 1996

Increases in Agricultural Productivity, 1948-1993, No. 6, July 1996

Farm Machinery Purchases, Exports, and Imports, No. 5, June 1996

Organic Vegetable Growers Surveyed in 1994, No. 4, May 1996

1996 Early-Season Water Supplies, No. 3, May 1996

1995 Nutrient Use and Practices on Major Field Crops, No. 2, May 1996

Agricultural Cash Rents in 1995, No. 1, March 1996

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